US prepares to celebrate World Press Freedom Day

    The US Public Relations Bureau yesterday proudly announced that the country received the right to host events in 2011 to mark UNESCO World Press Freedom Day .

    Quote from a press release : “New media provide an opportunity for citizens all over the world to report on the circumstances of their lives, express opinions on world events and exchange information even in an environment that is sometimes hostile to such an expression of personal right to freedom of expression. At the same time, we are concerned about the tendency of some governments to censor, suppress citizens and restrict the free flow of information. ”

    There is nothing special to add. Obviously, Wikileaks representatives will not be invited to the celebration of freedom of speech.

    By the way, the former name of this state bureau that published the press release is the Bureau of Public Diplomacy and Public Relations (the staff was 3200 in 2002). It sounds very Orwellian.

    In connection with this, I recall a quote from the classic: “Winston dropped his hands and took a slow, deep breath. His mind wandered into the labyrinths of doublethink. Knowing not to know; Believe in your truthfulness by exposing deliberate lies; adhere to two opposing opinions at the same time, understanding that one excludes the other, and be convinced of both ” , - J. Orwell,“ 1984 ”.

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