Icons for bloggers (RSS + services)

    I found interesting icons for blogs on English-language blogs and decided to share with the public. It seems they haven’t "walked" on the Runet yet, so we download it for health.

    new rss blog icons
    Download RSS icons

    There is only one * .csh file in the archive - these are the so-called shapes in Photoshop. Installing them is very simple - copy the files to the folder with Photoshop installed, the Presets \ Custom Shapes directory. Who did not understand - more details here .

    There is also a set of icons with images of various popular services that bloggers use:

    Download icons.

    There are logos for blogger, delicious, digg, facebook, feedburner, flickr, google and many others. The archive provides 4 options for icon sizes - 62 × 62, 48 × 48, 32 × 32 and 24 × 24, PNG format.

    PS I hope you liked these icons. Enjoyable use :) For NOT bloggers, please do not perceive “hostility” and do not actively minus, the post is more than thematic for your topic.

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