The optimal duration of a viral video is 77 seconds

    Discussing the stated limitation on the length of the video (3 minutes) with the participants of Comedyad , I decided to go and calculate, and what, in fact, is the average duration of the videos that get to our chart on (there every day the editors go through the tops of video hosting sites, they select the most interesting and announce - such a daily chart can be received in the newsletter). Counted over the past 8 days, it turned out that the average duration is 1:47. And if you take not the average, but the median, which is more correct - 1:17. It turns out a beautiful figure of 77 seconds.
    I asked colleagues from Rutubewhat statistics on the tops they have. If you take active videos, then the median for the top 10% in terms of the number of views and estimates is 71 seconds. If you take the top 1% only by rating - 60 seconds, only by views - 109 seconds.
    Moral: 3 minutes - too long for a viral video. The optimal duration is from one to one and a half minutes. However, I like our number 77 the most - it is round. And in our ranking not only Rutube, but also Youtube (and Western videos), and a few other hosting services. Theoretically, for us and the Americans, the data may differ. However, 71 or 77 seconds is already within the margin of error.

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