HBO Launches HBO on Broadband Online Service

    The HBO cable channel launches a pilot (limited to Time Warner Cable users in Wisconsin) project of the HBO on Broadband online service, which provides users with the ability to download movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts and other programs and watch them on a PC. The service will be free for HBO users, but users must have HBO On Demand and Time Warner RoadRunner services connected (Internet access).

    At the start of the project, the catalog contains 600 video programs with a total duration of more than 400 hours. Most of the content is available for viewing by users without limiting the number of times or time, but some programs will be available for 4-12 weeks and then will be automatically deleted (similar to the BBC iPlayer service ).

    To view the downloaded video, users will need to install the Time Warner software video player, distributed among users on the CD. As you can imagine, the service will be available only for MS Windows, the video can also not be copied to portable video players (iPod, Zune, etc.).

    HBO on Broadband online video service

    Source: DVD Dossier Blog

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