Yarushechka, zhezhezheka and parsley

    Over the past two weeks, two events have occurred at once that have aggravated the struggle for a tidbit in the development of blogging masses who do not want to publish on their own domain - Liveinternet.ru has become the largest blog hosting of the Runet , and Ya.ru has opened completely . At the same time as the first news, Yandex published a traditional study of the Russian blogosphere ( PDF , 1 megabyte). From there, in general, we did not learn anything new: our average blogger girl grew up for a year (one would be surprised: only six months have passed from the previous study) - now she is twenty-two, and 75% of all diaries are hosted by the top five services rating blogging from the same Yandex.

    Distribution of Russian-language diaries by blog hosting

    Zhezheshechka and parsley

    From there it became known that the average user of LiveJournal, despite the trend, remained a man of twenty-five years old - presumably, this is an office worker - the author of the average diary on Liveinternet.ru is a nineteen-year-old girl - you must think, a sophomore. So, a third of all blogs are supported by the two largest services, the audience is distributed - everyone understands whose diaries are on the servers of both companies, now it’s not at all necessary to go from the zhezhesheka to the larisheka and in the opposite direction shouting “Fu, what a horror!” and “Oh, what a bore!”, respectively.

    It's time to remember the second news: Yandex, after 7 months of closed testing, opened registration for Ya.ru.


    It seems that Yandex tried to solve all the problems of LiveJournal and Liveinternet.ru: photo hosting was integrated into the service from the very beginning, so that you could publish pictures in one click; here the social component — connections, profiles, and common interests — is thought much more seriously, so that blog hosting can be considered a complete social network; all publications are correctly divided into four types - mood, photograph, link and thought; “Friend” expands due to blogs from other services up to loading an OPML file; an additional incentive system is working, not just the number of friends. Simultaneously with all this, there is the opportunity to import your LJ together with all your notes and friends.

    Looks like the perfect blogging service — modern and well thought out. But Yandex does not need only office workers or just students - they need both those and others, and some other third ones who accidentally looked from the search engine - "about one sixth of the world."

    So, the mechanism of the flow of user mass from LiveJournal and Liveinternet.ru (however, while retaining the communities formed around the services) is quite understandable, users are already hanging around in the overall rating , there are many bright ideas that “white-collar workers” will like, bright design templates, “photos "And even the opportunity to publicly quarrel, which already notorious sophomores should appreciate, and the advertising campaign has not yet begun, and support for the first Runet button has not yet been manifested.

    It seems like I know who, not at all on a crooked goat, will go round the top five services through five or six colorful PDFs with research on the Russian blogosphere.

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