Welcome to the blogosphere (map)

    Recent studies show that nearly 60 million blogs
    exist online, with approximately 175,000 new blogs appearing daily (approximately two blogs per second).

    There are a large number of abandoned blogs are not of interest, while the active and chastoobnovlyaemye blogs, relink with other resources, have been the subject of serious research, they enable professionals to track trends in blogs (trends in blogs) and identify the most popular topics of the blogosphere.

    Media expert Matthew Hurst recently compiled a map of the most active and interconnected parts of the blogosphere from the collected blogosphere link data over six weeks .

    1. Peak in popularity

    Nearly 500,000 people visit <a
    href= forgot dailykos.com »target="_blank"> DailyKos every day, making it one of the most popular blogs in the world. Links with DailyKos is a guaranteed way to drive traffic (and therefore advertising revenue).

    2. Gadget Gossip The

    bright spot here is the popular site <a
    href= first boingboing.net »target="_blank"> Boingboing, " Directory of beautiful things " , which, oddly enough, just offers good links to online news, and also spreads gossip about gadgets and high technology.

    3. Show me your friends

    This is a separate, closely interconnected community of bloggers <a
    href=lose www.livejournal.com »target="_blank"> LiveJournal, positioned as the largest social network.

    4. I will show you the source ...

    This blue ball represents a socio-political theme. The predominance of blue in this area shows that most of these connections are reciprocal, that is, a kind of metadialogue between bloggers who link each other. White spot belongs browser <a
    href=« www.michellemalkin.com »target="_blank"> Michelle Malkin.

    5. Strawberry

    These are the remote blue islands of bloggers posting the latest news and gossip from the world of pornography (often dealing with its sale). Oh yes, and famous photos.

    6. Loners

    A group of enthusiasts citing a central hot spot in the blogosphere.


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