Rust News # 2 (October 2018)

    Kdpv with pumpkin because halloween

    Better with a delay of a week than never, so I bring to your attention a subjective selection of rusty news for October.

    In this selection: Rust 1.30, Rust 2018, RustRush conference, Amethyst 0.9, squatting, garbage collector, 2D graphics disputes, Non-lexical lifetimes, functional GUI.

    Rust 1.30 and Rust2018 testing

    Rust 1.30 came out ( discussion ). The main innovations are partial stabilization of procedural macros, import of macros through a regular one use, improvement of the system of modules, raw identifiers, and no_stdapplication support (for more information, see the habro translation ).

    Rust 1.31 will be the first release of the edition (edition) of "Rust2018" ( what is the "edition"? ), In connection with which everyone is invited to join beta testing of version 1.31 and cargo fix .

    RustRush 2018 : Conference December 15-16 in Moscow

    RustRush 2018 is a Rust developer conference dedicated to web, blockchain, high performance and system programming.

    The site has been updated ( ) - an almost complete list of speakers and a program has been published , the sale of the main lot of tickets has begun .

    There will be four members of the project Rust Language: Steve Klabnik, Ashley Williams, Pascal Herliffe, Katharina Fey. From other local and not very famous stars - Maksim Lapshin with IP camera firmware, Kostya Stepanov and Pierre Krieger aka tomaka. The program .

    If someone wants to submit a report, Call for Papers is open until November 19 .

    rustrush logo



    • rust-industrial-io - using libiio , provides access to industrial sensors and actuators;

    • The development of cortex-r-rt - a runtime package for Cortex-R processors has begun;

    • keypad - driver for keyboard matrix circuits;


    • Bluetooth Low Energy with Rust ( discussion );

    • With stabilization #[panic_handler]at 1.30, it became possible to develop Cortex-M applications that work without an OS using a stable compiler.

    • shared-bus ( code ) - allows you to safely share peripherals between devices using mutexes;

    • Embedded WG (working group) is growing: already 27 developers in 11 teams;

    Rusty igrostroy

    Squatting on

    The controversy over whether should start supporting namespaces / organizations, almost without stopping, comes from the very advent of cargo. Just throw here a list of several in recent years:

    The question is difficult, I don’t see the end. Someone freaked out a couple of weeks ago and decided to either punch or spam the repository:

    Users of the service had access problems for several hours. As a result, nothing much has changed: they introduced several additional rules against outright spam, discussions resumed with a vengeance, creating several more Pre-RFCs in the process. Let's see where it all comes in the end.

    Shifgrethor GC

    withoutboats , in the process of researching what a new, not yet stabilized Pin API is capable of , wrote an experimental garbage collection library - Shifgrethor - and published a series of articles on how and why it works:

    This is not the first attempt to implement a rusty GC library (there used to be @pointers for this purpose in the language ), but it differs from previous attempts by using a new mechanism Pin.

    Since the library depends on the Pin API, it cannot work on stable Rust yet. The boatman reiterates several times that the project is still purely research and he is not even sure where it will make sense to use this library - most likely for integration with GC of other languages ​​or implementation of complex data structures.

    Shifgrethor talk on IRLO .

    A series of notes on 2D graphics

    Why take and create a universal library for 2D graphics for all occasions will not work? Very entertaining, I recommend to look through the articles themselves and comments to them.

    Notes on Non-lexical lifetimes (NLL)

    Niko posted a few notes about how NLL ( what is this? ) Will be immediately integrated into the next edition of Rust (so far it must be explicitly enabled through feature(nll)), its implementation and problems to be solved in future iterations of the borrowing analyzer (borrowck) :

    For those who want to dig a little deeper, there is also a URLO theme .


    Even from comments to the past of the monthly it is clear that the GUI is a sore spot of Rust. Another attempt to plug this hole in the ecosystem: Azul is an IMGUI functional state-caching library that uses WebRender for rendering ( discussion ).

    For details, see the project website: .

    One line

    New and updated packages

    New RFCs

    By RFC, it is quite convenient to observe which way the language is moving, so here are some interesting ones. In the PR header, there is a "Rendered" link, under which the RFC is available in readable form.

    And here are some more Pre-RFC discussions:

    That's all, thank you for your attention!

    If I have not added any important link or event, feel free to throw in the comments. :)

    KDPV taken from here , the rest of the pictures from the sites of relevant projects.

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