Father and daughter re-shot some of the scenes from the Jurassic Park movie in the LEGO style

    The idea of ​​shooting animated films using LEGO parts is not new. LEGO animation is already firmly entrenched in modern culture and is not going to go anywhere, and a short film shot by professional animator Paul Hollingsworth together with his daughter Haley is another confirmation of this. This time, canonical scenes from the movie Jurassic Park, 1993, were recreated with the help of designer parts.

    The tape itself lasts a little less than three minutes and illuminates the most famous scenes from the film, based on which it was shot. To create an animated video, the father and daughter needed a budget of $ 100,000 and the help of several "Architects", people who masterfully recreate real objects on a scale using LEGO details. The result of the work was a funny version of the "trailer" for the famous film about dinosaurs and genetics.

    In addition, Paul and Haley made a short video about exactly how their animated picture was created. Get backstage below.

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