Best News - Bad News?

    "For most folks, no news is good news; for the press, good news is not news ยป

    This phrase is more than a dozen years old. It is enough to turn on the TV, radio, open the news site to see this.

    But is the emphasis on negativity unconditional? Let's look at such an unobvious example in my opinion.

    In October, Czech schools passed a mock final exam (an analogue of the Russian Unified State Examination) for graduate students. The test was attended by more than 95 thousand students in 1225 schools.

    Here are two possible headlines for news reporting on the results:

    1. Every third graduate student is not able to pass the exams.

    2. Two-thirds of graduates passed exams without preparation a year before graduation.

    Which of the proposed headings do you consider the best and why?

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