BaseRide From Nizhny Novgorod to Singapore

    rush_hourSince Baseride Technologies was founded in Nizhny Novgorod in 2008 , a company engaged in big data analysis and the development of specialized cloud solutions for transport companies has passed a lot of time. Over the past time, the creators have managed to develop and implement a number of solutions , both in Russia and abroad.

    With the partnership support of High Performance Computing AStar Singapore, investment leverage and excellent market prospects, the company hopes to gain a foothold in the Asian market.

    Recently it became known that the company was invested for $ 600 thousand by the Singapore IncuVest fund, although according to employees it becomes clear that the investment was agreed at the end of the previous year.
    IncuVestAsian technology investment company.
    Founders: Ronnie Wee and Natasha Foong.
    Main interests: consumer sector, e-commerce, data analysis, mobile applications, wearable electronics, IoT and B2B.
    Some portfolio projects: GoCoin, Chope, Reebonz, Smartmissimo Technologies Pte Ltd, Sogamo, Gamera Networks, Cinarra Systems, Inverted Edge, Feihu interactive, Vanity Trove, Zelrealm, Matchimi and others.

    In 2013, Mashable included the first project of the team - Doroga-TV in the top twenty best Russian startups. In the same year, the company released several B2B solutions for monitoring and analyzing fleets and controlling the work of mobile personnel. Now BaseRide is positioning its product as a universal platform for working with big data in the GPS / GLONASS data format.

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