Press Release: “SketchBuilder Startup Enters International Market”

    A Russian startup from Siberia developing the service (an online editor for creating sketches, design layouts with auto-layout function) enters the international market.

    The first public version of the company's product became available on October 1, 2014 under the brand name Over the next six months, the company released several new versions of its online editor and conducted a number of marketing events that made it possible to prepare for entry into international markets: The

    current release of the product is Alpha-1 R0.1.8, and the following were added:
    • Redesigned Gallery component with rubber layout;
    • Functional naming CSS classes of objects;
    • Components for inserting video: “Video in the form” and “Video in the paragraph”;
    • A personal account with account settings and a flexible tariff designer;
    • Multilingualism of service and promo site interfaces;
    • Prototypes for saving projects;
    • Redesigned code auto-generation core.

    In parallel with the development of the product, its marketing promotion was carried out:
    • A successful crowdfunding campaign was held to support the project at the Boomstarter site;
    • The company’s corporate blog on the largest Russian-language resource dedicated to IT topics - Habrahabr - was “unvarnished” and described in great detail about the history of the creation of the project “from idea to implementation”;
    • The project has the first thousand active users who gave feedback on the product, which allowed to correctly determine the development vector;
    • The product was renamed and rebranded taking into account the preferences of the western target audience, the service moved to a new URL -
    • Paid tariffs have become available, giving access to the number of projects necessary for users.

    Now the service is in full swing developing further, increasing its functionality; promotes on various thematic international platforms, attracting the first English- and Hispanic, French, German users.

    In addition, the SketchBuilder startup is ready to consider proposals for investing in it for more productive promotion and consolidation in the international market.

    You can quickly follow the news of the project in Russian in the official public service in VK.

    For all questions you can contact by e-mail:

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