MicroVentures: venture capital investment

    imageMicroVentures offers investors who are unable to make large transactions to invest relatively small amounts (from $ 3,000) in startups at the seed and subsequent stages of development.

    Potential Investors at Microventures.comExpress their interest in the amount that they are willing to invest in this startup. When 20-90 bets are collected, each of which is $ 3-5 thousand, they are combined to buy a share in the company. Since its founding in 2009, the service has invested $ 60 million in 130 companies, the size of investments was $ 200-500 thousand. At the same time, the site posted offers from 3-5 startups. Company founder Bill Clark notes that they are not interested in lump sum investments - instead of $ 50 thousand it is better to get $ 5 thousand dollars for ten companies and diversify risks.

    On the one hand, the service helps startups raise funds - not every young entrepreneur can go and get one hundred thousand dollars to create a prototype. On the other hand, it helps people who are not able to invest two hundred thousand dollars in their favorite companies. MicroVentures requires participants to: accredit the US Securities and Exchange Commission as an investor. Otherwise, the user must have an adequate investment experience, which will be evaluated by a team of service brokers.

    The company collects investments from $ 10 thousand to invest in three funds. 40% of the funds will go to the seed investment fund, 30% to the fund investing in growing companies previously financed by the 500 Startups business incubator, and the remaining 30% to the Latin American-oriented fund.

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