5 new mobile applications that increase your performance

Original author: Teresa Meek
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Feel behind schedule? Try these applications , they will surely pull you out of the working quagmire .

If you are about to be buried under an avalanche of affairs, urgent tasks and deferred meetings, to have the right mobile application for business - it is absolutely necessary not only to remain productive , but also not to go crazy. Which application to choose is up to you. What reminders motivate you? What kind of rage? What do you want to have before your eyes, and what do you prefer to leave behind the curtains?

Here are 5 mobile applications to help organize your life in the way you need. They can be used for both Apple and Android devices, and they are absolutely free.


EasilyDo is like the cartoon octopus launching its tentacles deep into your phone, connecting your email and Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote accounts, tidying them up, removing unwanted subscribers and incorrect addresses. Then he comes to the surface and tells you how to get to the upcoming meeting, how to get there better and what are the weather conditions. If you are late, he may even warn people waiting for you that you are on the way.

He also has other advantages - for example, scanning of incoming messages and notification of upcoming events and urgent letters. He will tell you who has his birthday today and will offer to send a congratulation. And he will do all this, working closely with other applications, which can sometimes lead to a hang. However, the idea is to help you achieve your goals in the most simple and effective way possible. This is exactly what Getal Pandia, one of the creators of the application, thinks:

“Our EasilyDo team decided to create an active assistant who saves time and is easy to use. Each task that we set was carefully selected based on the pain points that professionals face every day. ”


Timeful not only puts events and tasks into your schedule, but also helps you develop healthy habits that people usually talk about but never find time for. There are three categories: events (for appointments that are scheduled for a specific time), to-do lists (good ideas that come to your mind) and habits(what you would like to practice constantly, for example, morning exercises). You set the schedule in the application: working hours, sleep time and the most productive periods. The algorithm distributes your events and to-do lists and finds the best time to practice your new habit - before or after work. Of course, you could do it yourself. But are you done? If the answer is no, Timeful is exactly what will allow you to overpower this road.


Using the right application is necessary for the information mobility of your business: the right technology will strengthen your production capabilities and help you make the most correct decisions . This is a new world of work, we must always be ready for it, everywhere and everywhere.


You worked until late on your presentation, and as a result it turns out that you forgot to take her to a meeting. I am sure you remember very well where it is located on your home computer, but what of it? But if you had TeamViewer , that would not be a problem. This is one of the mobile applications that allows you to access remote computers with one click of the mouse, it transfers files and folders in seconds. It also allows you to work on documents with other people. Even if your business does not use the corporate version of the application, it is still available for personal use.


Someone wants to make an appointment for you at 10 in the morning, but you cannot. You send an answer ... And in the same way do Robert, Sam, Jessica and everyone else on your team, clogging up your incoming messages with amazing details about meetings with other people, calls and visits to the dentist. Doodle , which positions itself as a “scheduling tool that you really will use,” knows the best way. You can start chatting, respond, and see all the events gathered in one place (Doodle calls them “pools”). This makes it easy to make a simple interface on which you can see at a glance where you are best at this time. This is the only thing Doodle does, but he does it really well.

WPS Office

Since phones have turned into phablets, and tablets have become much smarter, more and more people use them not only to check mail, but also to work. WPS Office helps to do this. You can edit Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, as well as read PDF documents. It contains a built-in file manager and accesses cloud-based applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. There is an autosave function in case you are distracted and encrypting documents for security. The application is ideal for those who are forced to work on the run and dependent workaholics.

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Translation by Vyacheslav Davidenko, founder of MBA Consult

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