YotaPhone 2 sales total arshin not measure

    According to the analytical company GfK, the sales of Russian YotaPhone 2 smartphones in December amounted to only 436 copies. But the manufacturer’s data suggests that sales are tens of thousands. And in this situation, explaining everything with calculation errors and taking the arithmetic mean is simply ridiculous. Where is the mistake?

    A representative of Yota Devices, Larisa Pogonina, says that 30,000 YotaPhone 2 devices were sold in December alone.
    However, the sales were not organized quite normally: there were almost no devices in any offline retail stores, they were offered to buy them on the Yota network through online store Yota Devices, as well as in stores Ulmart, Ozon.ru and in the network "Delicatessen stereo".

    Pogonina assumes that GfK only took into account data from Ozon.ru, and believes that GfK takes information only from those sources with which it cooperates. An Ozon store representative agrees that the figure announced by GfK is close to the number of sales of this store.
    According to information from the SPSR-express delivery company, in December 2014, 20,000 smartphones were delivered through the Yota Devices store. Andrei Golubkov from Delicatessen Stereo reports that about 2,000 devices were bought in their store from December to February.

    In addition, sales of YotaPhone 2 can be inferred from the data of the Google Play store, which has a counter of application installations, including for YotaPhone 2. According to Google, applications such as, for example, YotaHub, were installed about 10,000 times. However, Pronina believes that counters do not take into account much and contain rounding errors. For example, if applications were installed by default on a purchased phone or added during a firmware update, the counters do not record this.


    Maria Zaikina, a representative of Svyaznoy, notes that the sales results of YotaPhone 2 cannot be compared with the results of global brands. While the Russian smartphone will be in demand among a small audience, among people who are passionate about technical innovations, so the sales of this device can hardly be tens of thousands.

    Eldar Murtazin, an analyst with Mobile Research Group, agrees that the sales information provided by Yota Devices is far from reality. And the high price (over 39 thousand rubles) makes it impossible to compete even with B-brands that are inferior to world leaders, but have a lower price.

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