5 bad tips about customer service

    In anticipation of the launch in the worries and worries we were drawn to the lyrics. For you, we have summarized 5 rules of customer service and rhymed them into “bad tips”. Injoy.

    If the client suddenly calls
    or even calls,
    you are not in a hurry to pick up the phone -
    let it hang longer.

    It is a little worried, it will be
    prepared slightly.

    If you immediately take it
    After the first beep,
    He will think that
    you rarely receive calls from customers at all.
    Maybe there are few of them, which means
    your product is completely bullshit.
    While waiting, he is crying -
    But he respects you!

    If something has changed
    Suddenly in the tariff, contract,
    Inform the customer
    It’s not worth it ahead of time.
    He may be very upset,
    He may be frightened,
    If before the innovations
    He was very in love with you.
    And problems, and worries -
    All as they progress.
    Put immediately before the fact.
    Dread the day to day.
    He will be grateful to you,
    Unless a deer.

    Apologize to the client
    Only weaklings will be.
    You, of course, are not one of these.
    You, tea, are not fools.
    Are you to blame? Himself guilty!
    Did they promise? Waiting!
    Just worth a shy -
    To competitors, he will leave.
    Be bolder and stricter.
    Stand to your death.
    And get in the face -
    So answer with a spear!

    Not all customers are fools,
    And who is a fool and stupid -
    Without delay, It is
    not a sin to hint.
    “Do not know how to calculate
    Interest without difficulty?
    Rather, send
    you to school, gentlemen!
    You’ll be in the fifth, maybe in the second,
    but better in the first class. ”
    And let the client call back,
    When he will pass the exam.

    You can’t take the customer’s word.
    Make what he said prove.
    Imagine if the recording of the conversation - the
    employee has a reason to punish.

    Let him run for inquiries, if it is necessary to
    achieve the truth and return the goods.
    Circles of bureaucratic hell -
    You give this way to the client.

    Thank you he will tell you for your concern,
    Knowing life in all its glory.
    You honestly do the work -
    And let everyone remember about it.

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