Eight Freelancer Tips

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The best time to fill your brain is right now. I bring to the public attention 8 tips for a freelancer who can radically turn their eyes on self-promotion, developing a remote career, and, at least, will help in further self-development. As we all see from practice, the professionalism of a performer does not always play a key role. Let’s set aside chance, having received some practical advice from the capitalists!

You may be the most talented performer, but this will not make you richer. First of all, you need a customer who is ready to pay . To do this, each freezer needs a good self-PR. Let potential customers know about themselves, give them a chance to “buy themselves” . About whom the employer does not know, he will not get a job.
Truly talented freelancers are talented in everything. They win customers by letting the world know about themselves and their abilities.

How often do we hear: Oh, and where is your portfolio? Who can recommend your work? In which journals is your work published? All this is due to lack of information. A good manager is more likely not a person, but a creature of all opinions about yourself. So let's get acquainted with all the tips for a freelancer that will help you get a good job, adapting the “foreign tips” to the post-Soviet realities.

1. Personal contacts. Personal contact is very important because it allows you to offer your services to the right people. On the Internet, omnipotent algorithms do not allow you to choose the target audience with the accuracy that we can have in real life.
For example, if my friend’s father owns a cafe, why don’t I become the creator of the site for this cafe?

2. Prepare a speech. Over the course of seven years of experience in copywriting, it has often happened that a client who suddenly went to Skype did not receive a decent offer, considering me an ordinary performer. Now I always have at my fingertips a “tkht” file with a welcome speech, offer of services and more.

3. Always carry a business card. Making it very simple and inexpensive, but will bring many benefits. My classmate, whom I accidentally met a year ago, talked with me for a long time and turned out to be a good web designer. Three months later, I received a huge order to develop large sites, but could not remember the name of his company. And if I had his business card ... Therefore, hand out business cards to potential customers (paper, e-mail).

4.Charity. Maybe abroad it is very popular, it means free donation for the benefit of children, etc. This is not quite so with us. You can create a platform for public authorities, utilities, well, in general, do a job for someone on the ball. However, hang your logo, name, significantly promoting your brand (both personal and commercial). Writing articles on Megamind is, by and large, also free PR for many corporations. But do not confuse this with product placement .

5. Attend thematic events. If a gathering of optimizers is going to take place in your city, it is logical for a good copywriter to promote their services among these masses. During the coffee break, catch your victim one by one and offer your services in an unobtrusive way.

6.Join a club, organization. Often these circles are hotbeds of advertising for many customers. For example, on the Advego content exchange, many have “white lists of authors”, allowing access to the elite . And then they exchange this list. Try to enter a talented group of such writers, and then everything will go self-propelled.

7. Conduct workshops. Extensive experience allows me to give advice with a bias on personal experience. So why don’t I speak at a local seminar, even if it’s not so popular? Often this video then roams on YouTube and brings a good advertising profit .

8.Forums should love you. I posted so many comments on the forums that I am a respected guest on many of them. Conversions from these forums make up about 40% of the audience on my site every day. Good advertising, free. Not to mention that it raises the authority of the author.

There are many more tips, so wait for the sequel.

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