Microsoft buys Sunrise calendar service developer for $ 100 million

    Microsoft is now actively updating - both in terms of leadership and in terms of shaping plans for the future. The company plans to change some activities, to retreat somewhere, and to enter new markets somewhere. And in order not to reinvent the wheel, Microsoft's leadership is gradually buying companies that already occupy the right niche.

    One of the most striking examples of this kind of process is the purchase of Skype. Now the corporation is buying a new company - the creator of the calendar service Sunrise . Apparently, the purchase amount will be considerable - about $ 100 million .

    The service itself is a calendar for users of mobile devices and desktop PCs, which can be synchronized with many other similar services, including products for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac OS, Windows and various web services.

    So, Sunrise users could access calendars from Google, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange, as well as work with a wide range of third-party services. Such cross-platform and versatility allowed the service to quickly conquer a large number of users.

    As far as one can judge, Microsoft will leave Sunrise as a separate project, plus it will take some of the service’s achievements for its other products. The company did approximately the same with the Acompli service, which was purchased by the corporation for $ 200 million. The result of this purchase was the release of Outlook for Android and iOS, applications that appeared this week.

    Now the corporation plans to sell its products not only as separate applications, but also as access to a service with similar functionality.

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