The amount of duty-free purchases in foreign online stores is planned to be reduced to 500 euros

    Today, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukaev announced that the threshold for duty-free purchases on the Web will be reduced to 500 euros. Previously, various media have repeatedly stated that this threshold will be reduced to 150 euros.

    On October 21, the Ministry of Economic Development announced that the threshold would be above 150, but below 1000 euros. Although at the same time, the possibility of completely repealing the revision of the provision on the amount of duty-free purchases abroad was discussed.

    “If you look at the online shopping schedule, you can see that parcels worth more than 500 euros, which is 2 percent of all shipments, account for about 30 percent of the cost volume. It is believed that business starts beyond this line. And it is completely incomprehensible why it should be exempted from customs duties if it receives goods from abroad by mail. And parcels worth up to 500 euros are usually the consumption of households, people buy for themselves, and such parcels will not be taxed additionally, ”Ulyukaev said.

    As for the bill itself, it will be considered on October 30. This bill came to the State Duma in March, and has since been actively discussed by both officials and the public.

    Via itar-tass

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