Federal Drug Control Service Registered Cloudflare CDN Service IP Address in Register

    Good afternoon, dear Habr.

    When there was a discussion of the law on arbitrary blocking of websites, it always seemed to me that there was nothing particularly terrible in this. You can always use a VPN, and then, I’m not breaking the law, nothing bad should happen to me! And everything was fine until a couple of days ago he decided to start a business card blog. I bought a hosting, domain name, flooded wordpress. Spent a certain amount of energy on widgets, plugins, themes. And this morning I see a wonderful picture:


    I do nslookup:
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name: cf-protected-www.sys-admina.net.cdn.cloudflare.net

    They wrote about Cloudflare on the hub more than once , this is an excellent service. Well, we go to the recommended address, check:


    Great. By a strange coincidence, on the site zapret-info.gov.ru there is a form only for applying for inclusion in the registry. Apparently, if I got there, then there is no mercy for the criminal. There is no amnesty.

    It probably looks like a nagging, but in fact I have two goals.

    First: I ask for your advice. Who, where, how to write? What to do? Refuse cloudflare? Leave as is? By the way, I am a subscriber of Rostelecom, and I see this wonderful stub more and more often, even when visiting various foreign sites on IT topics. I had to buy a VPN. Therefore, maybe just ignoring this annoying misunderstanding?

    The second: to convince people who did not vote for the abolition of the law on arbitrary blocking and also now calmly relate to the law on pirated content that they need to act. Yes, perhaps these laws are made for a good purpose. But it turns out from the series "they wanted the best, but it turned out as always." Do not think that it will not concern you. Think about how dumb you need to be to add a CDN service to the list of prohibited resources.

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