LimeWire to pay $ 105 million to American Recording Association

    The five-year lawsuit between LimeWire (the site and the client of the same name for the Gnutella network) and the American Association of record companies ended .

    In 2006, 13 record companies put forward the requirement to compensate for their losses and pay a penalty for each song downloaded using LimeWire: Arista, Atlantic, BMG Music, Capital, Elektra, Interscope, Laface, Motown, Priority, Sony BMG, UMG, Virgin, Warner Brothers .

    Immediately after the start of the judicial investigation, LimeWire filed a counterclaim demanding to stop scaring users away from using the service.

    In 2010, the US federal court ordered that the site be closed and that the distribution of the p2p client be prohibited.

    The RIAA was able to prove the fact of illegal download of 9715 songs, each was priced at $ 1,080.

    TorrentFreak note the fact that the money received as compensation for the damage will go to curb piracy and no deductions will be made in favor of the authors.

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