The Right to Take Photographs: FAQ, version 1.0

    The very first version of the collection of questions about the right to take pictures was announced on Habré more than a year ago. Then she wore number 0.5, if I remember correctly. Then in a couple of months the number reached "0.7", and writing was temporarily suspended.
    In this version, the FAQ has become mega-popular. In addition to countless bloggers and photo sites over the past year, it was reprinted by Webplanet and the Intellectual Property Magazine. Copyright and Related Rights ”(No. 7 of 2010). In Webplanet, he entered the top ten most popular materials for 2010 .
    Well, today the next version is published on the site, 1.0. The address is still the same: "". Compared with the previous version, the questions have doubled, and the old questions have been substantially improved. A couple of hundred links to articles of laws from the PCA have been added. The final text has increased by about three times.
    It reflects the latest changes in legislation, for example, the resolution often mentioned in the press, which “prohibits shooting on the 159 streets of Moscow, has already been canceled for six months . Yes, and I could release the collection a month ago, I just had to wait for the Constitutional Court to publish its decision on“ spy cameras ”to complete the question .
    In addition, the publisher“ on demand ”“ ”can order a“ book ”version of the collection, with quotes from the necessary regulations, for carrying and poking prohibitions with your nose in a conflict situation. The book, like the collection itself, is licensed under CC BY-SA.

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