Associated Press introduces a mechanism to protect its news

    One of the world's largest news agencies, the Associated Press (AP), intends to introduce a mechanism for protecting news content. All agency materials will be stored in a separate registry and specially indexed. Then, the protection mechanism will track the Internet for the presence of this material and evaluate the legitimacy of its use. The agency is confident that this will help journalism and protect its interests.

    It is curious that to simplify the work of this whole mechanism, AP is going to use the hNews microformat developed by them , which is based on other hAtom and hCard microformats and provides the ability to indicate authorship and even geolocation of data.

    So far, the news agency intends to include only textual information in the register, but over time, other news formats will be protected: photos and videos. Articles on this topic have already appeared on the Internet with the assumption of a possible new round of DRM technology, which now aims at such things as news, which were previously free from special protection mechanisms.

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