Interesting international events in February

    Every month, dozens, if not hundreds, of IT-oriented conferences, exhibitions and other events take place around the world.

    We decided to collect all the most interesting international dates of this month in order to present Megamind readers in one place.

    Today, February 2, the Wearable Technology Conference starts in German Munich . The duration of the event is 2 days. The conference is entirely dedicated to wearable devices. Among the speakers are representatives of Adidas, Intel, Jawbone, Sony and other companies related to the development of this industry.

    Tomorrow, February 3, High Performance Computing & Big Data will be held in London in one day. This "supercomputer" conference is being held for the second time and is entirely devoted to new challenges in the field of high-performance computing and the notorious "Big Data", which representatives of the largest companies around the world have only recently begun to work with.

    From February 4 to 6, the Lift Conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland . The conference is dedicated to the widest range of issues related to information technology: from code and development to the search for ideas and inspiration. One of the most anticipated European events in February.

    From February 22 to 26, the annual IBM InterConnect will be held in Las Vegas . This year's conference includes both an exhibition and training sessions in the themes of Cloud, Mobile, DevOps, Internet of Things and Application Integration.

    From February 23 to 27, Social Media Week will be held in several cities around the world : a key event in the Italian Milan with its branches in Jakarta, Hamburg, Lagos, Bangalore, Copenhagen and New York. First of all, local examples of interesting solutions in the social market will be considered. media, each event is held in the appropriate language.

    From February 26 to 29, another event was held in British Manchester - the Future Everything conference . The main topics will be concentrated around innovations in technology, culture and art, as well as how new solutions allow you to connect all three areas together.

    At the end of the month in sunny Antalya, Turkey, will be held the largest local event dedicated to startups - Startup Turkey. What will be in the program is not difficult to guess, but it is from this event that we can expect a stream of positive news about the successes of local IT players and international companies operating in the region.

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