HyperloopTT plans to launch the first Hyperloop branch in the 3rd quarter of 2019

    This week, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (also known as HyperloopTT) announced the start of building its first commercial line in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the company will build the XO Square Innovation Center, as well as the Hyperloop Experience Center. The active phase of construction starts in the third quarter of 2019.

    All this was made possible through the agreement of the company and the leadership of Abu Dhabi. The state fund provided investment to HyperloopTT, thanks to which the company can develop further. By the way, this is exactly the fund that, according to rumors, was previously going to buy back part of the shares of Tesla Motors Inc.

    As for the transport line, it will not be too large - at first its length will be only about 10 kilometers. In the future, the branch should combine Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    It is worth noting that not only HyperloopTT receives investments, but also the direct competitor of this company - Virgin Hyperloop One. The first company attracted $ 31.2 million, the second - $ 196.2, respectively. Both startups are exploring the possibility of creating high-speed branches in various regions of the world, as well as the design features of the “vacuum train” itself.

    Unfortunately, so far none of the companies that implement the idea of ​​creating a network of tunnels with rarefied air inside, through which capsules on magnetic pads circulate, could not achieve theoretically achievable speeds - we are talking about speeds above 1000 km / h. The maximum result that has been shown so far is about 400 km / h, not more.

    Nevertheless, companies continue to work, and build test tunnels in various parts of the world. Hyperloop TT also implements transport infrastructure in Toulouse, France. This is not a commercial, but a test project, which is also difficult to call large-scale. Virgin Hyperloop One is building a similar structure in Nevada, USA.

    HyperloopTT, with the help of the international design team Dar Al-Handasah, will build both a transport line and peripheral buildings and structures. Dar Al-Handasah, according to company representatives, brought together the best specialists from the USA, Spain and the UK.

    Interestingly, competitors led by Richard Branson will build a test line in nearby Dubai. This company promises to create a functional commercial highway Hyperloop by 2020. However, the demonstration of the test version of a full-fledged route promised in 2017 was not carried out, so it is not yet clear at what stage the project is.

    Earlier it was also reported that the company Hyperloop TT has agreed with the Chinese government to create a highway in this country - we are talking about one of the provinces, Guizhou. The length of the branch is only 10 km, and it is not yet clear which communities it will connect. But it will be a full track, not a test "stand". Plus, HTT is going to open a subsidiary in China, which will allow it to become “its own” for the Chinese government. In this case, the route will be built by the Chinese, and the company will present an expertise .

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