Scrum-mitap with board game: invite to Scrum Values ​​Game

    AgileVerse and I will be holding a warm tube evening with board games on November 13th . Instead of D&D, Munchkin or some other classics, the Scrum Values ​​Game will be waiting for you - a new game that will help you get into the value of the scrum framework and connect them with ordinary cases. (Yes, and do not screw up real projects - the game is the same!)

    And after the mitap, AgileVerse will give out a hundred boxes with this game so that you can show it to colleagues and friends. Details under the cut.

    Where did the Scrum Values ​​Game come from? It all started with the idea that many of the problems in Scrum implementation are related to the fact that one or more values ​​of the methodology are not respected - courage, focus, devotion, openness, respect. The guys from AgileVerse hatched this idea until November 2017, when at the next meeting of the agile community they made a prototype game in which the state of values ​​depended on the decisions of the team in certain situations.

    Then new Scrum Values ​​Game prototypes followed. When the first mechanics settled down, it was necessary to fill the game with content. To generate situations, they gathered mitaps, and this helped.

    Then, at one of the daily meetings at Agileverse, a flash of inspiration was suddenly found, and the mechanics were greatly simplified. So the game came to its present form. It was tested on volunteers from different companies, gathered a workshop at the international agile conference Agile Rock conference 2018. In all cases, they received a lot of feedback and corrected a bunch of small jambs. And after a month of hard work, the updated Scrum Values ​​Game got to the meeting on November 13th.

    As you can see, the development history is already quite long, the game has matured and is ready for release - we hope you enjoy the result. At the mitap, we will launch a simultaneous game on 20 tables. We think it will be interesting to both those who have already begun to learn the framework, and those who are just going to.

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