TotalView extends status monitoring capability for IP PBX 3CX Phone System

    On January 29, 3CX signed a strategic partnership agreement with Formula Inc, the developer of the Totalview application. Let's see what this gives the end user.
    Totalview is a workforce management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This is a panel that significantly expands the standard capabilities of 3CX, making it a tap useful primarily for the secretary. The application integrates with the PBX and can and in real time reflects the status of subscribers, for each subscriber there is a comment regarding his duties and area of ​​responsibility, a detailed log of calls is kept and you can see who the client was connected to for the last time, as well as integration with the calendar. I want to warn you right away that the article is exclusively reviewable, we are already actively testing Totalview and details of the solution will be available as an article within a month. Returning to the topic - What is all this for?

    Reduce customer waiting time on line

    The panel receives phonephone busy status for all subscribers directly from 3CX, which is much more convenient than traditional BLF buttons. In addition, Totalview supports call transfer in its interface.

    See who the caller was talking to for the last time

    Totalview maintains its own statistics on calls and displays it on a call, thus significantly reducing the time it takes to find the right employee.

    Translate to the right specialist

    In addition to the status of Totalview Telephony & Switchboard, you can assign tags to employees according to their specialization and quickly search for the right person by them.


    Calendar Sync

    Totalview's Switchboard for 3CX takes employment statuses not only based on the state of the phone, but also knows how to look at the calendar and tells the secretary if the person is at a meeting or on vacation. Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes are supported.

    Skype sync

    Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync users have access statuses for chat or video call. By the way, communication can be started directly from the application.


    • 3CX Phone System demo can be downloaded here.
    • Totalview's Switchboard 30 day trial is here

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