Joomla Digest for January 2019

    I bring to your attention a selection of links to new materials on Joomla! CMS for January 2019. In the digest: information about Joomla 4, news about Joomla, a selection of links to tools for developers and webmasters.

    The official Russian localization of Joomla 3.9 has been released . In connection with the addition of tools for working with personal data, the amount of translation was quite large. For the release of localization a new team of localizers was assembled and because of this, the release was delayed for a month.

    Came the Joomla 3.9.2 . It should be noted that Joomla 3.9 turned out to be a relatively trouble-free update, despite the fact that the update itself was quite large. I recall from the release of 3.9, the system fully complies with GDRP.

    enOriginal news .

    I recommend watching the video review of tools for working with personal data in Russian.

    Due to the unplanned release of Joomla 3.9, the release of the remaining versions of Joomla was shifted and plans to support the 3.x branch were revised. The latest version of the 3.x branch will be Joomla 3.10. More information can be found on the link . It also outlines plans for developing Joomla 4 and the reasons why you still need to release another major update of the 3.x line.

    Joomla 4 selection

    Many years ago, Bootstrap 2 was chosen to build the administrative panel of Joomla 3. Then it was decided to use this framework at the front. We are reaping the unpleasant consequences of such a decision so far - despite the fact that the use of Bootstrap 2 on the front can be turned off, many templates come out with the support of an outdated framework.

    Joomla 4 will not have such a problem. However, Joomla admin panel will be built on the basis of Bootstrap 4. In this article you can read about the advantages of CSS Grid when designing Joomla templates. An interesting look at this in the article:

    enThe future of Joomla is CSS Grid and not at all Bootstrap 4 .

    In Joomla 3.7, the fields appeared out of the box, they developed in the framework of Joomla 3, for example, in Joomla 3.9, the multipole appeared (repeatable fields). The fields will continue to develop in Joomla 4.

    enArticle-overview of the fields in Joomla 4 .

    A selection of interesting facts about Joomla - A job search resource for Joomla has been launched. Here you can place an ad for a job search and if your application is approved, it will be published on the website and on social networks.

    enHow to create your own blog layouts in Joomla . Content types in Joomla have been around since Joomla 2.5, but few people know about it and use it in their work. This article contains detailed instructions on how to create your content type.

    enGeneral Joomla statistics for 2019 . I recommend to get acquainted with it, even if you are not working with this CMS.

    enThere are a hundred million ! In January, the official Twitter Joomla published an interesting note: Joomla downloads from the official site exceeded 100,000,000. By the way, it is noteworthy that downloads from Github are not included in this figure.

    This is news from last year, but we could not pass by as part of the first issue of the digest. Joomla received the nomination “ Best Free CMS ” from CMS Critic. Surprisingly, for all the years of participation in this award, Joomla consistently received the award "Best CMS".

    I do not know if doctoral dissertations are written on other CMS, but this is the first about Joomla.

    enDoctoral dissertation, the case for which is the Joomla : Joomla : Joomla.

    Joomla and e-commerce

    In this section, we will once a month talk about any component for commerce on Joomla. The goal is to show a variety of solutions. The fact is that the extensions for e-commerce in Joomla are phenomenal, only in JED (Joomla extensions catalog) in the category of online stores more than 20 full-fledged components.

    Today we have Phoca Cart .

    A very young store that was released at the end of 2017. Over the year, it has acquired functionality and even some extensions for the Russian consumer - in particular, payment plugins . The developer himself offers 9 free site templates for his component.

    An overview of this component in Russian can be read here .

    Why did we decide to start our reviews with this solution?

    The fact is that this is a representative of a new wave of online stores for Joomla. It takes into account most of the errors of older components, both in terms of code, and in terms of product readiness.

    Interesting features:

    • Initial Setup Wizard.
    • Bonus program for buyers.
    • AJAX filters.
    • XML constructor unloading.
    • Import from XML and CSV.
    • Integration with POS terminals.
    • And many other features that are inherent in modern online stores.
    • All features are available for free.

    Selection for the developer of sites on Joomla

    Updated component for the organization Rest API on the basis of the Joomla site . We are looking forward to these functions in the core of Joomla 4.

    Library and Joomla plugin for generating PDF. With this solution you can generate PDF in any Joomla extension.

    Updated library JUImage Joomla. With the help of this library, you can add the ability to resize for the specified parameters to any Joomla extension, it is especially convenient to use this solution together with the picture tag. The release is interesting webp support.

    JUArticleSave - Plugin while saving leads texts to typographic appearance.

    Service-compiler icons for UIkit 3 .

    Interesting Joomla Templates for January

    Template for educational sites .
    Template for educational sites .
    Business template .
    Template on the medical theme .
    Template for a restaurant .
    Template for the site of the photographer .
    Yootheme 1.18 - updated one of the most popular commercial templates - site builders for Joomla. Yes, and recently a review of this template was published in Russian.
    Master3 - a free Joomla template wizard based on the UIkit 3 framework from a Russian developer has been released.
    Release UIkit 3.0.0- The final release of the popular css framework from one of the key Joomla studios. Three more versions came out in January, the current version is 3.0.3.
    Review of the most popular in 2018 templates on Joomla-Monster

    Interesting Joomla Extensions

    Field Plugins for Joomla: Instagram and Gist of GitHub .

    Joomadmin - a module that can simplify the appearance of the admin panel Joomla.

    T4 page builder from Joomlart . Now it has become fashionable to release their pagebuilder. Joomlart decided to keep up with the trends, there you can download it for free.

    Also popular now: