Funny and strange: we collected search queries that we like.

    About 10 million unique search queries are sent daily to Avito. As a rule, they are quite simple and understandable: an iPhone, a dress to school, spare parts for a car, a bicycle. But there are more complex and at the same time very funny and even strange requests - either users are looking for a rather specific product or service, or express their desires in a very special way. We selected such search queries for two weeks, each of which users searched 10 to 20 times - they are not the most popular cases, but not unique. At least a few people need it. In addition, they could not resist and imagined what the ads on Avito would have looked like if the names of the goods or services exactly matched the search queries. Collected all this under the cut with a large (very!) Number of pictures.

    Here is what we found funny and strange:

    Here are some photos that could be on the card of some of these ads.

    Многие из этих товаров отклонили бы модераторы Авито (например, с помощью нашего сервиса нельзя продавать реплики), но мы решили не сдерживать фантазию.

    Services and work

    If possible, things that you don’t have time to do (or you just don’t like them) should be delegated. Of course, such services, as we came up with, are not found on Avito. But if you need something more real, you know where to go .

    "Nikolay 1"

    "Cat Thief"

    "Carry legs"



    "Mad tea drinking"

    "A few hours a day"


    Dreams are the engine of humanity. For someone, a dream is a flight into space, for someone - true and true friends, and someone will be happy with a bottle of vintage perfume. Here is our visualization of a variety of dreams and ways to spend your leisure time.

    "Moon rovers new"

    "Cat is looking for a bride"

    "Friend iron"

    "Stone Andrew"

    "Odam Gifts"

    "Iron Throne"

    Unreal Artifacts

    The most numerous category. Yes, on Avito you can buy a fashionable cap and a T-shirt from Gucci. But, alas, the obvious truths cannot be sold, and star dust exists only as a metaphor. But what if ...?

    "Mike Gucci"

    "Garage Lenin"

    “Cinema is not love”

    "Star dust"

    "Cap fashion"

    "Wuxi Pusi"

    "Dinosaur Egg"

    "USSR sealed"

    "My best friend is the stomach"

    "Puppy Patrol Base"

    Tell us what you are looking for on Avito. Found something funny and unusual? Write your options in the comments.

    PS Thanks for the idea of posting , inspiration and uploading search queries for him to Andrei martovskiy Smirnov.

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