Frog bears and crab

    The story is based on real events. All names, images, and matches are random. Except one. With him agreed.

    - Stand! - There was a loud voice from the bushes.

    - BUT? What?

    - To stand, I say! Who it?

    “Well, this is ... Crab.”

    - From the sea?

    - From the sea.

    - First time here?

    - Yes.

    - In the sandbox.

    - What?

    - You see the swamp? There rowing.

    - And what?

    - Sit and wait. If someone wants ... What did you say your name?

    - Crab.

    - If someone wants a crab, pull out of the swamp and let into the Habro River.

    - A long wait?

    - I do not know. Crawl into the swamp.

    Crab, looking around, crawled to the swamp. In the muddy, muddy water sat a variety of marine inhabitants - sockeye salmon, pink salmon, sea horses, eels, even one moray eel.

    - Oh, moray, hello! - waved a claw crab.

    - Shh! - hissed moray eel. - No names! In the swamp we are nobody! Sit quietly and do not hang out!

    The crab frowned (here, of course, it is difficult to imagine how a crab can frown, but you try it). But curiosity did not give the Crab soul peace.

    - Uh, ps, moray! - crab shouted in a whisper. - Why are we sitting here?

    - The rules are. - the moray contentedly grumbled. - Sit beautifully, brush your face, and wait. Maybe some of the bears will covet.

    - And then what? Eat?

    - But who will eat from the swamp. - smiled Moray (a terrible sight, I must say). - In the Habro River will carry.

    - and?

    - You can swim to spawn.

    At the word “spawning”, keta and sockeye excitedly stirred. The crab calmed down, climbed headlong into the swamp, only its eyes, on sticks, left outside.

    So a few days passed. Sometimes bears came to the swamp of the most diverse forms. Some are big, stately, menacing. But more - small, harassed some, timidly looking around. And still screaming gulls, flying high in the sky.

    Crab could not stand the expectations, and fell asleep.

    The crab woke up shaking - someone was dragging his leg, upside down. There was no visible swamp, but it appeared in the distance, and a wide, beautiful river gleaming in the sun was coming closer and faster. Apparently, this was the Habro River. The crab tried to discern who was dragging him, but could not turn around - after all, the crab, not the monkey.

    - Hey, who drags me? He asked carefully.

    - I. The

    voice was familiar, somewhere the crab had already heard it.

    - Is it you who is from the bushes?

    - Yes.

    - Why are you dragging me?

    - I like you. I'll take it to the Habro River.

    - What is your name? Who are you? Bear?

    - Never mind.

    Near the river, the stranger began to swing the crab like a sack of potatoes, and finally threw it into the Habro River.

    - Good luck, crab! - came from afar.

    When the crab emerged, there was no one on the shore. Without thinking twice, the crab is a cellar against the current.

    Soon the coast was transformed. Not a trace was left of the marshland - there was a beautiful taiga around, sometimes approaching close to the Habro River. Looking at the age-old pines, the crab did not notice how the shore was increasingly filled with bears.

    - Oh, crab! - It came from the shore. - Cool.

    The crab started, and saw the bears. There were many of them - most stood along the shore, some went into the river and hunted. They caught fish from water, hurriedly pushed into their mouths and chewed, sprinkling blood and insides. The fish screamed heartily, demanding not the administration, not the common sense, but the bears were relentless.

    - Stand! - came from somewhere above.

    The crab raised its eyes - a bear rose above it.

    - Dear bear! - the crab began politely.

    - I'm not a bear. - he replied threateningly. - I am Fabir bear.

    - Oh, sorry generously! - smiled crab. - I'm new here, until I figured it out. And Habro-bear - is it just some kind of bear?

    - Just some kind of bear? - the voice was so formidable that the crab began to shake in the hamstrings. Well, that shaking occurred inside the shell, and Habro-bear did not notice anything.

    - Damn, man. - tried to change the tone of the conversation crab. - Well, I just do not know who is who. I saw bears three days ago for the first time. Well, do not be angry, huh?

    - Okay. - Habro-bear slightly softened. - We are here - the main ones. Only we can catch and eat from the Habro-rivers. Only we, Khabro-bears, understand?

    - Got it, got it. - hastily nodded crab. - And those on the shore?

    - It's just bears. - waved his threatening interlocutor. - They are in the Habro River can not. They can only stand on the shore and scream. But, although there is some benefit from them - they help people like you to notice.

    - Those like me? - Asked the crab. “What's wrong with me?”

    - You are not salmon. - smiled Habro-bear.

    - This is bad?

    - I do not know yet. - shrugged Habro-bear. - SchA decide. Wait on the shore.

    Habro-bear took the crab by the paw, swung it (like the stranger of the day), and threw it ashore, then went upstream to the crowd of other Habro-bears. The crab just now, having got on a high bank, noticed that there were several Kabro-rivers around. Some are wide, full-flowing, with a large number of Habro-bears in the water and ordinary bears along the banks, some are narrow, more like streams, boring and almost without spectators and hunters. All Habro-rivers went somewhere off into the distance - the crab did not see exactly where.

    The crab saw Khabro-bear - he was arguing about something with his fellow tribesmen. Finally, several individuals separated from the crowd and walked toward the crab. And it began again - they lifted by the leg, they began to consider. Tugged at the claws, sniffed suspiciously, poked claws into the eyes.

    - Are you sure the sea? - asked one of them.

    - Yes of course! - happily answered the crab. - Where did you see river crabs?

    - Well, yes ... - left Habro-bear. - Only the sea and the sea are different. Are you not from Yellow?

    - What is so yellow?

    - Such a yellow one. - imitated Habro-bear. - What, the Yellow Sea do not know?

    - It is far away.

    “But who knows you, crabs?” - shrugged Habro-bear. - I heard that the Yellow Sea inhabitants are very arrogant, they climb everywhere, I will not save them. And salmon love to pretend. We do not need such in the Habro-rivers.

    - No, I'm not from the Yellow Sea. - confidently answered the crab. - And I do not pretend to be anyone. I am a crab.

    - Well, to hell with him, let him swim. - sighed Habro-bear. - Crabs, so crabs. Not the same salmon.

    The rest of the Habro-bears would leave, neighing about something of their own, again swung the crab by the leg and threw it into the Habro River. Themselves, slowly, returned to their seats.

    The crab, joyful, but a little puzzled, stalked on. Gradually, the Habro-rivers became more and more like bears of all stripes. In some places the hunt was so violent that the water was red. The crab at first disgustedly avoided such places with a party, but then resigned, and just crawled.

    The journey took about three days. In the end, the crab saw something that even his shell shook.
    All Habro-rivers converged into a huge, boundless, and at the same time very quiet and calm sea. There was no wind, waves, islands - nothing, the outstanding presence of life. Only the seagulls, of which there were especially many, circled over the water, sometimes diving under the water and pulling out something from there.

    At first, the crab could not understand what exactly they were snatching there. Then he looked - it was a dead fish. Dead, lifeless, with bulging, whitish eyes, tattered salmon entrails of all kinds. Gulls greedily grabbed them, carried them away into the distance - apparently to gobble up.

    On the sandbanks several bears lazily shuffled - ordinary, not Habro. They lifted carrion from the water, examined it and, basically, threw it away. Sometimes, apparently, when it was completely secured, they ate with disgust on his face.

    The crab stood at the junction of the Habro River and this dead sea, unable to force itself to dive into it.

    “We swam, swam, and finally sailed ...” he muttered mournfully.

    - Don `t cry. - came a small voice.

    The crab began to look around frantically, looking for a source. Who said that? The Bears? Seagulls?

    - Here I am, on small fry. The voice came again.

    Now the crab has noticed - just rising above the water, a herring was lying in the dead sea. She was breathing heavily - the gills went up and down. The crab, as quickly as possible, crawled up to the herring and sadly stood beside it.

    - What, did not find Eldorada? - smiled herring.

    - Well yes. - hastily nodded crab. - What are you doing here?

    - I'm dying what. - the herring tried to smile. - A week is already stuck here. There is nothing to eat, nothing to breathe, one stench and stench. You are well, at least you can breathe air, and I ...

    - What are you lying in shallow water then? Let me drag you into the water!

    - No, thanks. There is nothing to breathe there. Here at least dohlyatiny smaller. One hell to die.

    - Why die then? - the crab was indignant. - Swam back to the sea!

    - It is impossible. There is no going back. He swam into the Habro River - everything, only here, to this meaningless repository of the once beautiful, but already dead. Especially us, herrings, have no luck.

    - Why? By the way, how did you get here? Like, here mostly salmon swim.

    - Habro-bears, for some reason, love herring. In words, of course, give them salmon, but not simple ones, but those that go to spawn - well, so that with caviar, fat, with insane eyes. But in fact, there is mainly herring. In the Habro-rivers herring, in the dead sea herring. At least salmon has a chance - to mark eggs, to bring offspring, to continue their life. And we, herrings, live a few days. Like moths, pancake - flashed, wings waved beautifully, and died, no one needed.

    - Why is nobody needed?

    - Well, do you need herring? - lifted the head of the fish dying.

    - Not. You have a lot.

    - The fact of the matter is that a lot. A dime a dozen, or how ... Sea more? So they starve, they breed us, where they are not. The cheapest, and therefore the most attractive fish. In all seas, rivers, puddles - everywhere herring. Only our heads are fooled.

    - Who?

    - Well these, Habro-bears. They say that we are necessary and important. That without us in any way. So it turns out - no way. I will die, rot, and no one will remember.

    - Why is it impossible to go back?

    - Habro-bears will not miss. They have rules - back along the Habro River is impossible.

    - And on the shore?

    - What is it like? - surprised herring. - Oh, you're a crab!

    - Well. - nodded crab. - I'll go try.

    - Come on, good luck to you!

    - Tell someone what?

    - Not.

    The crab, squeamishly avoiding the dead fish, crawled to the shore. The path was not close, but the crab managed it - climbed out onto solid ground, and slouched back along the course of the Habro River. Mood gradually improved. Finally, bears appeared again along the banks.

    - You again? - heard the crab.

    Stopping, the crab began to look around. Finally, he noticed that the Khabro-Bear was coming to him from the crowd.

    - Where are you crawling, red-haired? - rudely asked Habro-bear. - You missed you.

    - I changed my mind, I'll go back to the sea. You got there ...

    hryas! The crab did not have time to finish the thought, because the heavy Hubromed-fresh paw crushed its shell.

    - Look, nerd. - grinded Habro-bear and went back to his tribesmen.

    To the mouth of the Habro River, in the meantime, two more crabs walked merrily. Stopping at the marsh, they began to look around - who to ask, what next? The feeling was like in Euroset - the question of the buyer and the sales manager do not live in one place. Either one or the other.

    - Hey, crabs! - There was a voice from the bushes. - What are hanging? Come on in!

    - Where?

    - Von Habro River, there on the horizon. See you

    - We see! - crabs raised on tiptoe.

    - So crawl there.

    - And to us in what?

    - Decide for yourself. Just do not be stupid. If you see that the sockeye is swimming, or keta - it means, not yours. Choose another.

    - Thank you, stranger! - crabs waved claws together and walked to the horizon.
    When they reached the place, the crabs became thoughtful. There were many Habro-rivers, and various inhabitants floated everywhere. Somewhere - chum, somewhere - pink, somewhere - sockeye or even chinook.

    - This is where it brought. - laughed one crab. - The name of horseradish you will articulate, and all the same, to spawn rushing.

    - Where to go? - asked the second.

    - Yes, don't care. - shook claws first. - Come on this one, the widest.

    - Come on!

    The crabs crawled into the Habro River, and crawled upstream.

    - Eh, crabs again! - It came from the shore. - Guys, look!

    - Crabs, crabs, crabs! - rushed already from everywhere. - Hold them!

    Wonderingly, the crabs moved to the shore to talk to the bears.

    - Friends! - began the first crab. “We just want to ask why ...”

    Hryatsya The first crab has scattered into pieces from the impact of the paw of an unknown Habro-bear. The second one was so taken aback that he managed to blink with eyes that had no century.

    - For what? He finally shouted.

    - Not for what, but for what. - Frowning answered Habro-bear. - For the sharpness. You do not beguiled the shore?

    - What the fuck coast? - shouted a crab. - What are you doing, hairy brute?

    “One more word, and ...” the Habro-bear approached threateningly.

    - Not one, but a thousand! - the crab did not let up. - Yes, I love you right now ...


    - Here's a bitch as well. - Habro-bear, with a smile, under the cheers of bears, went back.

    The next day, five crabs crawled along the largest Habro River. One of the bears standing on the shore noticed this five and jogged towards them.

    - Crabs, ps! He said softly.

    Crabs swam to the bear, climbed ashore and stared with interest at the beast.

    - Crawl out of here! - whispered a bear. - Yesterday your two people were slapped, and they will not regret it.

    - Where to crawl, why? - asked one of the crabs.

    - Yes, even where! The bear hissed angrily. - No, I personally have nothing against crabs, I even like you, but ...

    - What is "but"?

    “I’m not in charge here, others decide who swims and who doesn't.

    - And who decides?

    - Habro-bears.

    - That they slapped ours?

    - Yes, and you slap. Too much of you. They missed the first one, it seemed that they even liked it, but you were somehow impudent - they already cornered the five of us.

    - Isn't it possible? - that crab who was ponogley came forward.

    - Yes, I do not give a shit, to be honest. - frowned bear. - What are you arguing with me? I just wanted to warn you that they would slam you. Then decide for yourself.

    - Quiet you! - impudent crab got claws on the shell from another, older and more impressive. - Listen, my friend, but how would we like this ...

    - What? Do without hryas do?

    - Well, yes ...

    - In the River-Govnotychku you need. Said the bear thoughtfully. “There are almost no Habro-bears there, and there are bears too ... Even the seagulls don’t fly much.”

    - What the…?

    - That's right, "what the ...?". - smiled bear. - So we call her. Abbreviation - CHZ. In common - Govnotechka.

    - Where is she?

    - Wooooon there. - the bear has shown somewhere afar. - Crawl there.

    - Thank you, buddy! - answered crabs and crawled to Hovnotychka.

    Govnotechka, although it was considered the Habro River, was just terrible. Not only is it narrow, shallow, covered in stones and rapids, but also filled with carrion. No, the fish, of course, were not entirely dead - rather, half-dead. They barely tossed and crawled slowly across the water and rocks, and looked around intensely. There were almost no bears on the banks, and those that stood were skinny, frail, some kind of dull.

    - Well no. Said one crab. - We won't get in here. It is better hryas.

    The crabs returned to the wide Habro River, and slowly, with caution, crawled upstream.

    - Crabs! - cheerfully shouted Habro-bear and trotted to the top five.

    Hryatsya Hryatsya Hryatsya Three crabs, no matter how it happened. One of the remaining Habro-bear raised his leg, and began to look.

    - What kind of creatures are you so stupid? - he smiled. - Climb and climb. It is said to you - there is nothing to do here, live in the sea. And if unbearable, crawl to govnotechku.

    - We do not want! The crab replied, dangling in the paws of the Habro-bear. - Go to your Govnotechku himself!

    Habro-bear got angry, grabbed the other prab with another paw and, swinging, slammed them together.

    - Well done, so them! - there were cheers from the shore. - Urine crabs!

    - Shut up, empty! Shouted Habro the bear menacingly. - And even you fuck up! Freeloaders damn.

    Forty-two crabs, following the laws of the special forces, slowly crawled along the bottom of the wide Habro River. It was hard to see from the water, but the silhouettes of bears along the banks looked quite clearly. Crabs crawled carefully between the paws of Habro-Bears, trying not to hurt anyone. But one, young, due to inexperience, or natural stupidity, for some reason, grabbed a big shaggy paw of his claw.

    - Your mother, again ... - rang out above the surface. - Guys, hold them!

    Habro-bears began to grab crabs whistling and hooting from the shore. But there were so many crabs that Habro-bears could not cope.

    Thirty crabs broke through the crowd, and, joyful, rushed on.

    - You will not pass! - as a real Gandalf shouted one of the Habro-bears, and, swinging a huge stick, pierced the crab shell.

    From all sides, from all Habro-rivers, more and more new defenders fled. The slaughter continued for several minutes, until finally the crabs were defeated. However, one, the most cunning, shallow and slippery crab managed to get out - he crawled upstream, and when he stopped seeing Habro-bears around the paw, he decided to stick out of the water.

    - One broke through! - It came from the shore. - Catch him!

    - Yes, fuck ... - breathing heavily, answered Habro-bears. - Tired of running, we're not wolves.

    - Leave the same! - shouted bears. - What are you there, huh? Let us into the Habro River, we will catch up!

    - Bumburum will catch up. - said someone from the crowd of Habro-bears.

    - Exactly! Bumburum! Bumburum! Bumburum! - Unknown crab name, like thunder, spread on the banks.

    The crab did not wait - obviously nothing good is expected? - and crawled on. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge Habro-bear appeared in front of him. He was a head taller than his fellow tribesmen, wider at the shoulders, there was a terrible scar on his face. His appearance was so menacing that his legs lost their legs. Stiff in stillness, the crab prepared to die. Only the eyes remained a bit alive, and they closely followed the approaching terrible, inevitable death. Habro-bear was getting closer, but, coming close to the crab, suddenly stopped. Probably decided to enjoy the moment - thought the crab.

    - Good day! - mug Habro-bear suddenly broke into a smile. - I am Bumburum. Let's talk?

    The crab could not utter a word. Seeing this, Bumburum lifted him out of the water, laid him on his paw, climbed ashore and slid down the stream.

    - Crab, mean? Asked Bumburum with a smile. - yasnenko. How are you? Will you have a beer?

    - Beer? - the ability to speak has returned to the crab. - Do you want to drink beer with crabs?

    - Do not you what. - Bumburum laughed. - So I, out of courtesy. I have long wanted to talk to you.

    - About what? - cautiously asked the crab.

    - Complain about you a lot.

    - For what exactly?

    - Do not choose the Habro River. We have rules here, and they are the same for everyone. This Habro River is for chum, this one is for sockeye, the one far away is for pink salmon. What for you climbed into them?

    - Who cares? - frowned crab.

    - Such a difference that we have order here. - strictly replied Bumburum. - Did you notice that Habro-bears are at certain places?

    - Well, yes ...

    - Who loves a pink salmon - stands on a pink salmon, who is keta - they are there, the whole crowd. And you are a crab.

    - And what should I do?

    - For people like you, we have the River Govnotechka. It, just, is intended for ...

    - I know, for what it is intended. - grunted a crab. - This is clear from the title.

    - And do not judge by name. - smiled Bumburum. - Come, I'll show you to her.

    - Do not, I saw. One carrion swims. Toshnilovka, not a river.

    - Well, yes, she has features. - nodded Bumburum. “But rules are rules.” Crabs place in Hovnotechka. Let it be small, inconvenient, but crawl to its destination. And you will be happy.

    - Oh well. - grinned crab. - I saw your happiness.

    - How did you see? - stopped Bumburum. - Where?

    - Our first crawled, and we know that there.

    - How do you know? Well it spanked.

    - Well, we learned and found out. The crab said evasively.

    - How? Are you a telepathic crabs?

    - It seems that does not matter. One can not understand - what all are bursting there.

    - And here there is nothing to understand. - shrugged Bumburum. - A goal is a path, not a destination.

    - The way - in the sense of these Habro rivers?

    - Well yes. While swimming - life is in full swing.

    - Yeah, and all on the head. - smiled crab. - How many of our gouging already.

    - Who is to blame for you, climb yourself, where they don’t ask. Nobody called you here, and once cornered - follow the rules.

    Bumburum with a crab on its paws moved further and further away from the inhabited places. Habro-bears have not been seen for a long time, only occasionally there were bears on the banks. And the seagulls circled in the sky.

    - And you seagulls what for? - suddenly asked crab.

    - I do not know. - shrugged Bumburum. - Fly and fly. Do not ask to eat.

    - They eat carrion in your final destination.

    - Let them eat, it’s a pity. - smiled Bumburum. - Habro-bears do not go there, and what seagulls do there is not very important for us.

    - And what for then need Habro-bears? What are they standing here?

    - Fish are caught. It is easier here than at sea, a pond or, as you called it there ... the Dead Sea. Here we have everything ordered, clearly, conveniently. Fish - here, crabs - there. Get up and just have time to open your mouth like a whale. The fish itself will jump.

    - Yeah, especially herring. - grinned crab.

    - Well, why? The herring is also a fish, even though ...

    - What?

    - Personally, I do not like herring. She's some kind of empty. Neither fish nor fowl. Anyway, or something.

    - So why are you letting her then? - surprised crab. - You are here, as I understand, authority? Chased to hell.

    - And you, crabs, at the same time. - smiled Bumburum. - No, we do not do that. We launch all, who from the sea. Even snakes are - there are lovers with us. And then the ecosystem is regulated by itself - someone who likes what he eats.

    - I see how it is regulated. Why did they call you?

    - Well, sometimes Habro-bears do not cope. Sometimes they even fight and fight with each other. Scar see?

    - I see. Did you fight with salmon?

    - Not, with habars-bears. - smiled Bumburum. - Eh, the battle was ...

    - Tell me?

    - No, we came.

    The crab did not notice how Bumburum carried him to the sea. Stopping at the bushes, Bumburum began to look around.

    - What a beauty! I love the sea! Especially now, when the sea is so much that at all enough!

    The crab respectfully was silent, not understanding why the Habro-bear brought him to the sea.

    - UFO, hello! - suddenly shouted Bumburum, turning to the bushes.

    - Yeah, great, Bumburum! - came from the bushes.

    - Well, what, looking?

    - I'm waiting! Zhrite calmly!

    - Well done, well done. - left Bumburum.

    Approaching close to the sea, Habro-bear stopped. A little thought, carefully lowered the crab on the sand.

    - Crawl, crab, home. Said Bumburum in a sincere voice. - You're the last, sorry for you. Live!

    - Last? - smiled crab.

    “Why? ..,” Bumburum frowned.

    Suddenly, the sea seemed to come to life - small ripples, light waves, foam appeared. Bumburum backed away, tensely looking around. Crabs came out of the sea. Tens, hundreds, thousands of crabs.

    - Of course, do not be offended, Bumburum. The crab said with a smile. - But we are many, and we are here for a long time.

    - Wait and see. - smiled in response Bumburum.

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