Hosting Cafe

    Today I want to introduce Hosting Cafe . This brand domain combines 6 different sites that are related to hosting topics:

    • - search for virtual servers
    • - search for shared hosting
    • - search for dedicated servers (in development)
    • - search for SSL certificates
    • - search for a place to store backups
    • - search for licenses in the control panel (in development)

    Currently, all projects are working, except and Information about and was already posted on Habré. Having become the owner of these two sites, I decided to breathe life into them as much as possible. In addition to these two sites, the domain was attached. After much deliberation, it was decided to combine these three domains under a single brand - a cafe that has various hosting-related menus. In addition to the existing domains, , , were acquired .

    Recently, quite a lot of work has been done to improve existing sites and develop new ones. and

    On sites for searching virtual servers and shared hosting, the base with tariffs and hosters has been completely updated. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, it was not yet possible to update information on all the hosters that were previously.

    The list of payment methods that are available during the search has also been greatly expanded. Now any user will be able to choose a hoster with the desired payment method.

    Many payment methods
    Payment systems
    • Bank card
    • Yandex money
    • Webmoney
    • QIWI
    • W1
    • Paypal
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • LiqPay
    • Rapid
    • Okpay
    • Payeer
    • Perfectmoney
    • RBKMoney
    • EPESE
    • Z-Payment
    • Wallet Eleksnet
    • Unistream Money
    • LEADER
    • Paxum

    Internet banking
    • Alpha click
    • Russian standard
    • Promsvyazbank
    • Svyaznoy Bank
    • Sberbank
    • Faktura.Ru
    • Privat24
    • Handybank
    • Intesa Bank
    • Moscow Industrial Bank

    Payment terminals
    • QIWI
    • Eleksnet
    • Novoplat

    Cell phone operators
    • Megaphone
    • MTS
    • Beeline
    • Tele 2

    Money transfers
    • Contact
    • Unistream
    • Post of Russia
    • Western Union
    • Anelik

    Salons of communication
    • Connected
    • Euroset
    • Dixis
    • Tsifrograd
    • Honeycomb world
    • Forward Mobile

    Bank transfers
    • Ruble
    • Dollars
    • Euro
    • Hryvnia

    The interface of search parameters has been improved - standard selections and checkboxes have disappeared, instead of them analogs in JavaScript are now used, which are equally displayed in all browsers and fit the style of sites. If previously the user had to choose a value from the drop-down list of three items, now such a list has been replaced by a more convenient option with radio boxes. Thus, the number of clicks to get the desired result is significantly reduced.

    Another improvement is a description of what data the hoster requests in order to be able to order a service from him. Recently, it has become not so easy to buy a service from a hoster - someone asks for a telephone number, someone asks for a copy of a passport, etc. However, you can only find out what a hoster needs at the very last stage of service acquisition. Obviously, if during registration on the hoster's website it would be indicated that the client would need to send a scan of the passport, they would register with less enthusiasm. From now on, the potential client will know what the hoster will require from him before moving to his site. Information is available on the host page or in the description of any tariff. This parameter is not searched so that it’s more difficult for “bad people” to find a host without protection from fraudsters.

    Another improvement is related to the speed of finding the ideal tariff and hoster - now to ask a representative of a hosting company it is not necessary to go to his website and look for a feedback form there, this can be done directly on the hoster's page or tariff description. You need to fill in the name and e-mail, ask your question, after which the hoster will answer you by e-mail. The function works only for hosters who have agreed to receive such emails.

    In addition, some hosters have provided exclusive discount promotional codes specifically for visitors to the Hosting Cafe.

    Changes have also occurred on the tariff description page for virtual servers - earlier, the list of operating systems was presented with a comma, so viewing it was somewhat difficult. Now the OS list is presented as a separate block with the icons of the operating systems themselves. If desired, this block can be minimized, and then with further viewing of tariffs it will remain in that position.

    A form has appeared for sending an error message in the tariff description. You can only fill in the error description. The form works without reloading the page.

    A block appeared with information about the date of adding the tariff and the date of checking the relevant information.

    There is no need to describe why backups are needed, I’ll only note that recently the service of providing storage space for hosting services has become more and more popular, so it was decided to search for this service.
    Search parameters by which you can find the tariff:
    • Disk space
    • Amount of traffic
    • Data link speed
    • Price
    • Communication Protocols
    • Server Location
    • IPv6 Support
    • Payment Methods

    The price per gigabyte of space has been added to the standard sorting options, so you can find the cheapest place by limiting the top drive option.

    SSL certificates have recently become more widespread, Google is increasing its position in issuance, data leakage scandals or just a desire to show concern for users - anyway, the number of sites that use the https protocol will only increase. There are free certificates now, but they have significant limitations. For example, the well-known StartSSl does not issue a certificate for commercial activities, therefore, for example, the owner of an online store will not be able to take advantage of such an offer.

    Searching for SSL certificates is now in beta, so errors or miscalculations are possible when designing this site.

    Certificates are issued not by the hosters themselves, but by certification authorities, therefore the hoster acts only as an intermediary, providing the customer with technical support and a better price. Therefore, the choice of SSL certificates for many hosters is approximately the same, although there are slight deviations from the “norm”. At the moment, only the most popular SSL certificates are involved in the search, for which accurate information on the parameters has been collected (IDN support, support for subdomains, etc.).

    The user can search for SSL certificates by the following parameters:
    • Price
    • Brand - which certification authority issues a certificate
    • Verification method: when issuing a certificate, either only the ownership of the domain name can be checked, or both the domain and the organization-owner of this domain are being checked
    • IDN support - the ability to obtain a certificate for domains with non-English characters, for example, for domains in the zone.
    • SGC (Server-Gated Cryptography) Support
    • Support for subdomains (Wildcard), when a certificate is issued not only for the domain itself, but for all domains of the * type
    • Multiple domains - it is possible to get one certificate for several different domains
    • Extended Validation (EV, Extendet Validation) - certificates with extended validation, with a green bar in the browser
    • Payment method

    In the near future, sites for finding dedicated servers and licenses on the control panel will start working. Also in the near future I plan to make a more friendly design.

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