“Front-end bookshelf” - like google, only better

    Book List - Front-End Bookshelf

    Hello reader!

    In this publication, I will tell you about the “Front-End Bookshelf” .


    Unfortunately, in RuNet there are very few truly high-quality resources for studying the front-end. These resources can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand - this is Frontender Magazine , HTML Academy , "Modern JavaScript Tutorial . " I thank the authors of these resources for their invaluable contribution to the development and popularization of the frontend in RuNet.

    Be that as it may, thematic sites are not the only available source of knowledge. There are a fairly large number of books written by foreign authors. Many of these books have been translated into Russian.

    Books are a great source of knowledge, suitable for learning something from scratch. Often a book contains comprehensive information about a particular topic, and all this information is structured and presented in a convenient and understandable way. Instead of randomly reading unrelated articles about a technology, it will be much more productive to take one book and read it cover to cover, or to read only the chapters that interest you.


    I used to have to google if I wanted to find books on any technology. The disadvantages of this method of finding books are obvious - you spend time browsing a large number of sites, and even not the fact that you will find the right book. Often I came across great books by accident.


    I generally like to collect suitable materials in one place. For example, I’m leading several thematic communities on VKontakte. The list of YouTube channels for web developers was also created by me, if you saw it. Once I realized that my main community with usefulness for front-end-users has too many categories of materials, and it would be nice to separate some of these categories somehow. With this, the creation of the “bookshelf” began.

    What is a front-end bookshelf? This is a replenished collection of good books, one way or another connected with the frontend. Books can be filtered by three criteria: subject, language, and complexity. For example, if you want to learn JavaScript, choose this topic. If you do not know English well, choose Russian. If you are a beginner, then you need books for beginners. Thus, you can find the right book for you in just a couple of minutes.

    Future plans

    Unfortunately, I do not have as much time for the project as I would like. And I would like a lot, because there are plenty of different opportunities for development: adding a rating, searching for authors / publishers, adding the ability to save books to “favorites”, adding detailed information about each book.

    By the way, to implement all of the above, you have to write a backend - a simple RESTful API would be enough. If you want to take part in the development of the project, then contact me (there are contacts in the profile) or write in the comments and I will contact you.

    In the meantime, I will gradually replenish the list of books - there are quite a lot of them, and work here is not for one evening.

    The source code of the project is uploaded to github- If interested, you can familiarize yourself. If you know a book that is not on the list - open ish on the github, and I will add this book.

    And yes, any constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the project are welcome. I hope that the "bookshelf" will be useful to you!

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