NetApp Insight 2018

    Every year in the fall, NetApp holds its NetApp Insight conference in two locations: the first in the United States and the second in Europe.

    In the US, the conference historically always takes place in Las Vegas, this year it is October 22-24. And after some time in Europe, in 2018, it will be held in Barcelona on December 3-5. Yes, not quite autumn turned out, but the beginning of winter.

    Naturally, not everyone can, for various reasons, get on it and ask questions to NetApp representatives. Therefore, I thought that I could help a little and collect questions from those who wish through this form . In connection with my move to the USA, this year I will visit Insight in Las Vegas. Yes, the beginning of the conference in Las Vegas today is October 22, 2018so don’t wait, but ask your question right now.

    I will try to collect answers to your questions in Las Vegas. I hope that this will be intercepted by colleagues who will go to Barcelona and answer the remaining unanswered questions. Answers will be published in the telegram chat about Data Storage Systems .

    Don't forget that I have an English-language blog, all on the same “NetApp” topic, titled “ Why Do You Like WAFLs? ”. Hopefully, experts will appreciate the name.

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