- search for shared hosting

    Not so long ago, the development of an analogue of was completed , for shared hosting - . A very large list of options is available for users to search for the ideal shared hosting tariff.

    1. Disk space
    2. The number of sites that can be hosted on shared hosting
    3. The number of databases that can be created
    4. Number of Mailboxes
    5. Availability of PHP support. Almost all hosters have support for this programming language, however, sometimes there are cheap tariffs at which this parameter is absent. Especially for such cases, the lack of PHP is highlighted in red, so as not to accidentally buy a tariff that may not fit the characteristics.
    6. The amount of traffic included in the tariff
    7. Price. As well as on, it is possible to search by price for a month, 3 months, six months and a year. You can also always choose one of 10 currencies and the site itself will calculate the cost of the server at the current exchange rate.
    8. The control panel that is used on the server. Most often, those who are used to a panel do not want to switch to another panel, so you can always do a tariff search with the right panel.
    9. Country of equipment location. When choosing a country, the emphasis is on ensuring that the site visitors open as quickly as possible. If the target audience is located in the USA, then it is more reasonable to take hosting in the USA or Canada, if the target audience is from Russia, then Russia or the nearest European countries will be the best option.
    10. Payment method
    11. SSL support. A secure connection is needed, for example, for online stores that have a personal account and online payment.
    12. Access to the server via SSH. Sometimes it’s much easier and faster to do an operation through the console than through the control panel, so you can quickly find hosts that let you connect via SSH to their servers.
    13. IPv6 Availability
    14. Minimum payment period. Sometimes it happens that hosts require you to pay some kind of tariff for a period longer than a month. This usually happens at cheap rates. Thus, it will be easy to find tariffs that you can buy for 1 month, for example, when you do not want to pay a large amount and just try the services of a new hosting provider.

    Tariffs are currently in the process of being added, so there are not so many, but I hope that by analogy with, hosters will be able to fill out a special file with the characteristics of their tariffs and send it to I add any tariffs with a price of 10 rubles or more and not a unlimited drive.

    On both projects, the menu for choosing the currency and the number of tariffs on the page is now duplicated in the upper menu, I hope that switching the currency or the number of tariffs will now be easier.

    In the near future, I want to greatly increase the number of hosters in the catalog and make English versions of these two projects. I will be glad to hear feedback.

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