Creator Kate Mobile arrested for using a pedophile for his service

    Expensive time of day, friends! A horribly unpleasant story happened, due to the incompetence of the investigating authorities, my friend and colleague Fyodor Vlasov was arrested. Fedor Vlasov, Perm IT-specialist, one of the creators of the mobile application for the social network VKontakte "Kate Mobile".

    On November 3, 2018, he was suddenly arrested by the police and placed in the Moscow SIZO, where he remains today on grounds that have nothing to do with reality and basic common sense.

    Fedor VlasovThe network has quite a few publications on this topic, for example, one of them, “The Perm programmer was arrested for the fact that a pedophile acted through a mobile application created by him” . And here .

    Fyodor Vlasov is accused of committing a crime under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (sexual assault against a minor) committed by another person using the VK network through a proxy server. There could be hundreds and thousands of such "other" people. However, the investigation considered the arguments of the charges of Fyodor “rape on the Internet” sufficient on the basis of the network address (IP address) of the proxy server registered in the name of Fyodor Vlasov, which is physically located in St. Petersburg Selektel.

    From Alexander Strukov (attorney of Fedor Vlasov):
    On November 3, 2018, Fyodor Vlasov, a well-known Perm programmer, founder of Kate mobile and the developer of the application of the same name that allows him to bypass the Vkontakte lock for Ukrainian users, was arrested by the Golovinsky District Court of Moscow on the basis of a petition by the investigator of the Investigative Committee Grigory Malakhov.

    This was preceded by a search in the Perm apartment of Vlasov, his detention with the use of handcuffs, delivery by train to Moscow (the handcuffs were not removed at the same time), exhausting interrogation as .... witness! Only after that Fyodor was detained and taken to a temporary detention center.

    Currently, the investigative authorities Vlasov is accused of committing a crime under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (sexual assault against a minor), namely that being a user of the social network “Vkontakte” he entered into correspondence with minor girl who persuaded to send him her nude photos.

    The investigator Malakhov arrived at this conclusion on the basis of information received from Vkontakte that the IP addresses of the author of the messages are registered on Vlasov's proxy server. The specified information was also the basis for the petition filed with the court for the detention of a programmer. The court found such arguments sufficient and decided to arrest him. On December 13, on the same grounds, the court extended the term of Vlasov’s detention until February 14, 2019, and the Moscow City Court upheld the decision.
    In the spring of 2017, the social network VKontakte was blocked by the authorities in Ukraine. To support the operation of the application on the territory of Ukraine, a proxy server was created a year and a half ago, which allows using network resources. The proxy server could be used, basically only the residents of Ukraine could, since it could be activated in the application if the Vkontakte resource was blocked by providers. Theoretically, it was possible to disassemble the application, use the proxy for its own purposes, but only for redirecting network requests to the VC.

    In this article, I can not attach the case file, for some reason, but I will make a reservation from the case file: the account from which the “pedophile” corresponded with a minor girl is a certain citizen of Ukraine who, at the present time, most likely does not even suspect that the developer of the application was arrested because of his fault, he continues to sit in the VC and sends out photos of his genitals , it is possible that young girls.

    The investigation in the course of all this, Fedor explained it to them more than once and offered help to the investigation (he was denied), I explained to them (I was under interrogation with the investigator in the defense of Fedor), but they don’t want to do it, they just pull out time, referring to the fact that completed the examination of computer equipment, hoping to find traces of Fedor's guilt.

    It was already the fourth month that Fyodor was arrested, hope was gone, that the investigation would make a normal investigation and release Fyodor in February. According to the lawyer, they intend to extend the arrest again. We decided to make it public, in the hope that it would somehow affect the effect. Today we already have publications from various publications, as well as a petition .

    At the end of the text, I hope you will not kick much for the style of the text. Lawyer, I and the active user of the application Maria Yakimova, we can give comments to those who are interested in this story.

    PS: I would be glad to hear your feedback, suggestions and any other thoughts regarding this case. We hope for the imminent release of Fyodor Vlasov.

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