Weekly build Vivaldi


    Today we present the new weekly build of the Vivaldi browser with the number with important changes. The main news is that the browser core has been updated to Chromium 41. You can read the full list of changes in this core here .

    Plus, we started implementing the browser auto-update system, in this assembly it will be available only to users of the 32-bit version of the browser for Windows (however, users of Linux versions can update the browser for a long time through the prepared repository). Work on this task is still far from complete, but the process, as they say, has begun.

    Further, importing data from other browsers is another important area that we have been working on this week. At the moment, data import is possible only from the Chrome browser, bookmarks and passwords are available for import. But they should warn that for some Windows 8.1 users importing passwords may not be available. But we fixed the error leading to a crash when importing data. Naturally, we will continue to work on this feature in the coming weeks.

    The bookmarks bar remains a priority. We added the ability to display only website icons in this panel, and also improved the performance of the browser when working with the bookmarks bar. Also a little tweaked folder icons. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions on the bookmarks bar, because in fact the work here is only at the very beginning and is far from complete.

    Problems that we already know about and are working to fix them:

    • Mouse gestures broke
    • Importing bookmarks from non-Chrome does not work
    • Import bookmarks from Chrome does not work when Chrome is running
    • Vivaldi crashes when opening a new tab, if tabs are placed on the side
    • Context menus on pages sometimes do not work the first time

    Otherwise, everything is just wonderful :)

    Links to download the browser:

    Full list of changes:

    • VB-4486: favicon only option for bookmarks bar
    • VB-2193: Merge Chromium 41+
    • VB-4459: Import crashes Vivaldi
    • VB-4302: 2 bookmarks bar regressions
    • VB-3804: Max number of icons in the bookmarks bar
    • VB-3649: Selecting a link in the address bar is not possible
    • VB-3329: "Find in page" with f3 doesn't work
    • VB-2321: Missing import
    • VB-4513: Having 40+ bookmarks makes them not load
    • VB-4430: Implement import chrome passwords into Vivaldi
    • VB-4095: Image control should show all text of image if invisible
    • VB-2711: Enter doesn't work on URL field after first load
    • VB-4550: BookmarksBar slows down UI
    • VB-4563: Download dialog never appears

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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