10 relatively little-known facts about K-Meleon

    1. I already wrote this, but it’s not a sin to repeat it: K-Meleon has existed for 15 years, since 2000, being one of the oldest browsers that remain relevant and up to now.
    2. K-Meleon has been downloaded from the official page on sourceforge more than 7,600,000 times.
    3. The most popular K-Meleon ... in Russia! About 20% of all downloads were made by users of our country.
    4. K-Meleon from the very beginning got into the well-known antitrust panel Browser Choice , where it remained the only browser of the “second cohort” that remained on the list for the entire duration of the provision on mandatory browser selection in Windows (ended in 2014).
    5. K-Meleon has repeatedly turned out to be the lightest browser in terms of memory consumption among current browsers and is such today for all current versions of Windows (including XP), except for Windows 8, where the data is still inconsistent.
    6. K-Meleon today is the most customizable browser, where the user can not only change the subtle settings of the browser, but also fully customize the menu, toolbars and appearance of the browser. Some procedures affect configuration files that have a structure and syntax that are not very obvious to a beginner, while some can be done by simply copying the necessary files to the right places.
    7. The browser has its own macro language , capable of not only managing internal program commands, but also integrating third-party javascript code, as well as providing full interaction with the file system and the OS registry for writing and reading, which allows connecting almost any external program to the browser (in the limit from K-Meleon you can make an almost full shell OS).
    8. The browser usually had a single main developer, the first of which was Christian Thibault, after which the project changed hands several times until it fell to the French programmer Dorian Boissonnade, who still works on it - as a hobby, free from other activities time.
    9. K-Meleon in the new version 75 has become partially compatible with Firefox extensions.
    10. Currently, negotiations have been initiated by the K-Meleon team with representatives of another open project (please do not decipher ;-) on cooperation, the results of which can be very interesting ...

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