New Microsoft Developer Loyalty Program

    Hi, developers of mobile applications and everyone interested!

    Not so long ago, we have a new loyalty program for Dev Center Benefits developers and now there is another reason to talk about it. The project came to Russia, or rather, to us here, on Habr !

    What is DCB?

    DCB is a community of mobile developers for Windows and Windows Phone. Join the community and get the opportunity to communicate with Microsoft experts, technical and design support for your application, new and advanced features for promoting applications and other goodies from Microsoft and partners!

    What does it give?

    For a beginner, DCB will serve as a good start platform where he can bring his ideas to life. Advanced coders will be able to implement new cool chips and get promotional support for their project. Depending on the successes you have already achieved, the level of support from our side is growing.
    And, of course, each program participant will be able to accumulate points and exchange them for prizes and other pleasant things.

    What will happen to DVLUP?

    DVLUP continues to work. You can synchronize your accounts on DCB and DVLUP , use the accumulated bonuses in both programs and choose which “buns” you want to receive. How to do this is written in the FAQ .

    How to become a member of the program?

    Very simple - on the DCB page you need to find the “Join” section. If you are developing for Windows Phone or Windows, then you can log in using your Microsoft Developer Account. If for some reason you do not yet have a Microsoft Developer Account, you can create it using this link .

    What's next?

    And then nothing complicated - you just complete the tasks proposed on our website , earn points and choose a reward.

    What are the tasks?

    Among the many tasks there are tasks for creating new applications , updating or porting existing ones , as well as proposals for game developers . In general, each developer will be where to turn around.


    Many developers who have already taken part in the DVLUP program say that the program was very useful and interesting to them.

    DCB is like DVLUP , only from Microsoft.

    Join, improve your applications or create new ones and get bonuses!

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