Key topics CodeFest 2015


    By tradition, in the last weekend of March we are holding the largest IT conference in the Urals. On March 28-29, we meet in the same place as in the past, and the year before last, and the year before last, at the Novosibirsk Expocenter. The reasons are the same: get to know the cool speakers, chat with colleagues in the industry and make some noise at the afterparty.

    There are seven tracks in the program: mobile-, frontend- and backend-development, testing, product and project management, design and flow of apartments - this is what we call discussion panels.

    The conference will be opened by keynote speaker and evangelist Dino Esposito. Dino will tell you why patterns, flexible architecture, and autotests will not make your software a useful and popular product .

    This year's trends : lambda architecture , CQRS, private clouds , reactive programming and microservices . We will also discuss ambitious projects: Jsquery in PostgreSQL, minimalistic CoreOS , C-framework for PHP Phalcon . We will definitely analyze the architecture of highly loaded backends: the mobile Badoo and the service .

    Frontend does not stand still and is developing very quickly. Let's look at how things are with functional programming in the browser ; Is it possible to render web pages using WebGL . Let's talk if BEM is suitablefor studio development. Learn the pros and cons of one of the most popular frontend frameworks - AngularJS . And not only that, as you might imagine.

    In the field of mobile development and gadgets, the highlight of our program is Internet of Things , a functional programming approach and advanced A / B testing . In addition, we’ll look at how to work with OpenGL ES 2.0 and synchronize client data without pain.

    In questions about quality, we will talk about the still relevant topic of testing without testers . Automation of mobile and not only applications will not remain without attention. “Hands get to talk” about open-source tools for beautiful tests and test automation for Windows and Windows Phone applications.

    Usually at CodeFest we talk a lot about project management and a little about products. This year, we will consider all stages of product development, from start- up to manage growth (growth hacking).
    - tips for managing a distributed team ;
    - a story about the Stack Overflow device ;
    - treatment of corporate dullness ;
    - memories of how project management has evolved and whether there is anything new in this area.

    We continue to preach common sense in design for people . We look at the work of creative teams from different sides and find out the place where the treasure is buried. And also listen to stories how battle-hardened product managers and designers do their job and bring good to the world.

    appartment This year we have turned out, on the one hand, okoloaytishnye - talk about living and working abroad , how to create a community of developers and to use the conference life hacking . On the other, about technical practices .

    You can savor the full program on the site. There -to register . But the main thing - do not pull. We will traditionally close the registration one week before the conference, that is, this Sunday.

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