Looking for a solution: how to become Mr. Wolfe?

    Everyone would like to be Mr. Woolf from Pulp Fiction. Yes laaaaad, honestly! People either want to be Mr. Wolfe, who arrives in a few minutes and solves problems, or simply did not watch Pulp Fiction. If you have not watched “Pulp Fiction” - postpone reading right now, look at “Pulp Fiction” by Comrade Quentin Tarantino and then return to the letter. And if you looked, then you definitely want to solve problems just as quickly and drop dead.

    Remember this chic episode? Two gangsters who ended up in the city in broad daylight in a car with a corpse and a bunch of blood spatter around the cabin. And nobody who is interested wants to go to jail, and explaining to the police that this is all - well, it just happened that way, is not possible. They are hiding in the house of a common acquaintance, who is also not completely happy with them, and if the wife of the owner of the house catches this company, then everyone has a full pretzel with poppy seeds. The situation is stalemate. You can’t face it, you can’t sit in the house. Raising the number of witnesses is also impossible. And here these iron people, who before that were brutally and rigidly able to do their job, turn to the customer with a request to help them. They need a consultant to help them solve this situation.

    Look, it's still simple: if you understand what needs to be done, this is called a task. If you don’t know how to solve the problem, but you need to solve it - this becomes a problem. And we are looking for a solution to the problem. If there are no resources to find a solution, this is a crisis. Between the task and the crisis, which are the edges of the distribution curve, there are 80% of situations that can be attributed to problems. Mr. Wolfe simply knows how to solve situations that for many will become a crisis if they are not resolved. Did he do anything special? Managed the time? Canceled the events? Corrected the matrix? Probably not. He simply clearly understood what to do in a situation in which others did not understand. Cool? Of course. Talented? Probably. Can anyone learn this? Yes.


    Why do many dislike coaches, psychologists, counselors, and trainers? Why does something annoy us and infuriate us in other people. Most often, it infuriates us if someone can afford something that you cannot afford. Here you are driving in traffic jams to the other end of the city so as not to be late for work. And your colleague lives across the street from the office, 10 minutes. And constantly late. And he also asks you to “cover her before the chief”. Enrages ... Because she can afford to be late, and you - for some reason - no.

    - How does she allow herself ?!
    - How are you talking to me? (as you allow yourself to talk like that)

    Listen. Familiar intonations?

    So why do not we love those who advise us how to solve the problem? Because they can, but you cannot. And often when someone shows you that the problem is simple, and is solved like this and like that, you get angry in response. Because, why is he so smart, but you are not. Therefore, we don’t like it when someone climbs with tips. Especially with the right advice.

    This skill - the ability to disassemble and solve problem situations - is not an innate talent. This is a skill. And like many other skills, he is developing. As well as solving chess problems or using TRIZ to solve inventive problems.

    So is it possible to learn to analyze and solve complex situations? If not all, everything at all, including universal and world, then at least workers and managers? Those that influence the enjoyment of work, lead to quarrels and squabbles, make you swear with other people and lead to crises that change our lives for the worse?

    Yes you can. Chess problems are solved by people with one head, two arms and two legs. Homo is almost a relative to us - sapiens.

    Slightly open the cards. We decided to launch the training service for Mr. Wulfs - a kind of fitness center for managers and those who want to learn how to solve problems with people. But about this - the next time, until we reveal the cards completely. Hang the intrigue. Stay with us.

    PS If you have a desire to dream up and / or you have thoughts what exactly should be in this service - we will be grateful for comments. I want to do not just good, but very good.

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