Disappointment from Apple, generosity from Unity and Epic Games, a game from Paris Hilton - and other news of the week for a mobile developer

    The highly anticipated Apple Watch

    The day before, Apple's presentations showed the world their watches. Disappointment - that’s how one word can be called the reaction of users to a new representative of the market for wearable devices. First of all, the price, battery life (battery lasts no more than a day) and the need for an iPhone disappoint.

    Not only users, but also investors are disappointed: in the morning, the company's shares fell by more than 2%. Analysts from Pacific Crest Securities believe that Apple will be able to sell the first few lots of watches to fans of the brand, but there is no reason to expect much success on the market. And the investment company Piper Jaffray suggested that the Apple Watch, given the design and brand, would be more likely to compete with ordinary watches than wearable devices.

    The situation was aggravated by the instant and accurate response of competitors who immediately offered several alternative smart watches. Google responded with a 15-second video, hinting at the variety of forms and capabilities of wearable Android devices.

    Apple Watch will be available for purchase in the US and Europe, starting from April 10, the release date in Russia is still unknown. The watch will be available in three lines:
    -Watch Sport for $ 350-400;
    -base model for 550-1100 $;
    - and premium Watch Edition model for $ 10,000-17,000.

    In the meantime, the whole world, with bated breath, is waiting for the release of smart watches, we offer you to get acquainted with the selections of what you can buy instead of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition .

    Unity 5 is not for sale!

    Under this heading, there are two news at once: Unity 5 Personal Edition is available for free , although under certain conditions, and Unity has officially denied rumors about its sale.

    Rumors themselves appeared after it became known about a serious expansion of the list of free features that will be available in the new version of the engine.

    Although the rumors were partially true, to be exact, Unity will provide almost the entire package of functions of the new engine for developers for free, but only if the investment in the company or its earnings amounted to less than $ 100 thousand for the previous year. Otherwise, you have to buy a license, for which you need to pay either $ 1,500 or $ 75 per month.

    “This version offers all the powerful functionality of the Unity engine and editor, including profiler, Occlusion Culling, render textures, full-screen special effects, physically correct shading, powerful graphics with a new set of tools for creating realistic lighting and amazing visual effects, a new system for working with audio ”, - stated in the official press release of the company.

    As for features that are available only in the paid version:
    • Unity Cloud Build Pro service;
    • Team License
    • service for monitoring the performance of the game Game Performance Reporting;
    • access to Asset Store Level 11;
    • Unity Analytics Pro analytics service;
    • access to previews and beta versions of the engine.

    It is important to note that in the paid and free versions, interest on sales will not be charged from companies!

    Unreal 4 is now free!

    Not a week, but simply an attraction of generosity, but this is how to look. Unreal 4 became free for developers, and only one “but”: as soon as your project on the Unreal 4 engine earns more than $ 3,000, you will be required to give Epic Games 5% of the turnover of your project every quarter.

    Although the old $ 19 monthly subscription wasn’t something impossible even for beginners, the more developers have more features and available engines, the better for the industry as a whole.

    Two popular engines and two very similar “moves” - Unity 5 or Unreal 4 ?! Only time will tell to whom developers will give greater preference. Which option do you prefer?

    Anonymous Login from Facebook

    Facebook announced the possibility of anonymous authorization in applications. Developers can now leave a request for participation in beta testing features on a special page . The new functionality, according to the social network, will increase conversions and help people quickly start using the application, while maintaining their anonymity.

    Whether Facebook will give away any user data in this mode is still unknown. But such authorization via Facebook will allow users to log in to applications through different devices. In addition, users will have the opportunity to quite simply replace “Anonymous Login” with a regular “Facebook Login”.

    This step on the part of Facebook looks very interesting. More and more people are trying not to give out their personal data to the right and left, so this opportunity will probably appeal to them.

    Paris Hilton will become the heroine of a mobile game

    Kim Kardashian’s success deprived many of his sleep and appetite. In the ranks of those who decided to repeat this glorious path, Lindsay Lohan and even the aging Malibu lifeguard David Hasselhoff have already stood up (I admit, I had to google to “remember” who it is). And now - Paris Hilton joined them .

    There are no details yet, it is only known that the game will be about "celebrities, fashion and style." Well, so to speak, they were not surprised. Judging by the conclusions of Venturebeat, the success of such projects positively correlates with the popularity of the chosen star.

    In the case of Kim Kardashian, I definitely managed to earn money on the game, but in the case of Lindsay, Lohan managed to only increase the number of mentions about her on Twitter. I won’t even talk about Hasselhoff, it’s more like a joke. Interestingly, this coincided with the expectations of the creators?

    Let's see what happens with Paris Hilton. I did not have to google her name, but this is not an indicator at all. :)

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