e-Ticket misunderstanding

    More and more passengers use electronic tickets - this is a fact. And many of them are in various bonus programs and are trying to accumulate miles both on the ground and in the air. It's cool. To increase the number of these miles, they even issue specialized bank cards, by paying with which you multiply this balance. An interesting feature was found on the website of one carrier. Let's take a look!

    I bought tickets several times through the online service. Nothing unusual this time, except that I was distracted several times. I entered my real data, clicked "Continue" and it turned out that I made a mistake in one letter in the last name (the key stuck).
    At the same time, very interesting facts were discovered. I formulated the same error with data invented from my head.
    So, we are almost on the road to success and filled in all the necessary data fields:
    All data was entered randomly, except for my real bonus card number, which I used when this error first appeared.
    As you can see, no validation by card number and full name is performed, the page tells us that everything is ok.
    This means that such a bonus card number does exist, and this is true.
    Click further ... and the error, in fact, is the same that I received when I made a mistake with my last name:
    Unauthorized use of the cardabout how. Well, that's right, a fictional friend cannot have a card with a number that is attached to me (as an individual), as well as me with the wrong name. In fairness, it’s worth noting such a banner on the page: “ Attention! If you indicate a universal card or RZD-Bonus card, make sure that the surname, first name and patronymic are the same as when registering the card. If the patronymic was indicated on the card, then it is required to fill out on this page. "The warning is excellent, but, as you can see, no one is safe from accidental errors. Why not use additional verification mechanisms?
    But let's look at the entire error text:
    Passenger{id='0', lastName='ИВАНОВ', firstName='ПЕТРОВ', middleName='СИДОРОВ', tariffType=Полный, dateOfBirth=Wed Feb 07 00:00:00 MSK 1996, documentType=DocType{id=1, code='ПН', name='Паспорт РФ}, 
    documentNumber='1222567890', citizenship=Country{expressCode=**, isoAlpha3='RUS', isForcedRegistrationAllowed=true, localizedNames='{en={name=Russian Federation}, ru={name=Россия}}'}, gender=Male, universalCardNumber='null', loyaltyCardNumber='*********************', birthplace='Самара', insuranceCompany='null', babyPassenger='null'},
    order=OrderBean{id=, saleOrderId=null, departureStationId=2000003, arrivalStationId=2024000, srcStation='МОСКВА КАЗ', dstStation='САМАРА', distance=null, departureTrain=Train{typeId='2', expressCategoryId='1', date=12.03.2015 20:08:00.000, trainDepartureDate=null, comments=null, isOnboardRegistrationAvailable=false, brand=null, departureStationShortName='МОСКВА КАЗ', arrivalStationShortName='САМАРА'}, 
    arrivalTrain=Train{typeId='null', expressCategoryId='null', date=09.03.2015, trainDepartureDate=null, comments=null, isOnboardRegistrationAvailable=false, brand=null, departureStationShortName='null', arrivalStationShortName='null'}, carrierId=1, carriage=ru.tehnosk.chameleon.layer.express.bean.response.buyTicket.Carriage{number='03', owner={type='КБШ', railway=null}, addSigns='У1', serviceClass=1У, isOnboardRegistrationAvailable=false, tripClass=null} SUPER:AbstractCarriage{type=Люкс, number='03', carCarrierGroup=CarCarrierGroup{id='1' name='ФПК', isFoodChoiceAvailable=true, foodChoiceStopHours=48}, carCarrier=Carrier{name='ФПК КУЙБЫШЕВСКИЙ', id=200, isForcedRegistrationAllowed=true, carCarrierGroup=CarCarrierGroup{id='1' name='ФПК', isFoodChoiceAvailable=true, foodChoiceStopHours=48}, isNotForSale=false, locale2fieldName2value={ru={name=ФПК КУЙБЫШЕВСКИЙ}, en={name=ФПК КУЙБЫШЕВСКИЙ}}}, serviceClass='1У', addSigns='У1', foodAvailabilityFlag=true}, tariff=ru.tehnosk.chameleon.layer.express.bean.response.buyTicket.Tariff{type='null'} {cost='7304.0'}, totalCostInEuro=null, totalCostInPoints=null, totalInsuranceCost=0, tickets=[TicketBean{id=128532684, orderId=119344058, ordinal=1, number='71751387597061', reservationNumber=null, passCount=1, seats='010', seatsType='Н', tariffType=Полный, tariffInfo='null', tariffB=3636.6, tariffP=3667.4, tariffBP=7304.0, tariffInsurance=0.0, tariffService=0.0, tariffNDS=1114.17, price=7304.0, priceInEuro=null, priceInPoints=null, priceInPointsMoney=null, status=Забронирован, code2D='null', registrationChangeDate=null, containsDet5=false, refundTariff=null, refundDate=null, refundInfo='null', refundKrs=null, trainmasterLogin='null',

    The parameter loyaltyCardNumber = '**********************' is the number of my card. The rest is service and geographical information with identifiers. Everything above is consistent with the information entered. But as always there are pitfalls ...
    This piece is of particular interest:
    * /
    passengers = [en.tehnosk.chameleon.layer.express.bean.PassengerBean { id = **********, index = null, middleName = '************* ICH ', firstName =' ********* H ', lastName =' **** E ****** ', tariffType = null, dateOfBirth = **. **. 19 ** 00 : 00: 00.000, documentType = DocType {id = 1, code = 'PN', name = 'Passport of the Russian Federation}, documentNumber =' 1222567890 ', citizenship = Country {expressCode = 20, isoAlpha3 =' RUS ', isForcedRegistrationAllowed = true, localizedNames = '{ru = {name = Russia}, en = {name = Russian Federation}}'}, gender = Male, cardNumber = 'null', loyaltyCardNumber = 'null', isFullComp = false, insurance = null}], foodChoice = {}}]
    * /
    Here I found my legal name and date of birth ... Well, at least the passport data was left made up. By the way, here the bonus card parameter is: loyaltyCardNumber = 'null' . It turns out a completely sad story, well, if your key sticks, and if not?
    The error text is as follows:
    refundedTicketFromReissuedOrder=null, expiredDate=null, orderNumber='', 
    dbRecordCreateDate=null, createDate=09.03.2015 , status=null, statusChangeDate=null, 
    payGateData=ru.tehnosk.chameleon.layer.express.bean.response.buyTicket.PayGateData{payGateOrderId='null', payGateSessionId='null'}, 
    ticketQuantity=1, passengerQuantity=null, seatQuantity=1, paymentForm='null', agentId='1', subagentId='null', seatNumbers='010', timeInfo='КУРИТЬ ЗАПРЕЩЕНО.; ВРЕМЯ ОТПР И ПРИБ МОСКОВСКОЕ; ', attrs='null', terminalNumber='', issueRailway='null', issueCc='null', compCc='null', posNumber='null', login='null', isInternational=false, isCisInternational=false, e3gwNegativeResult=null, directionType=Forward, isRegistrationAvailable=true, isInactive=false, isTeema=false, isAutorackAvailable=false, hasAutorackOrder=false, isDeferredPayment=false, deferredPaymentDeadline=null, isEntireCompartment=false, availableFoodTypes=[], refundedTicketId=null, relatedOrderId=null, ferry=false, busFlag=false, autoRequest=null}

    I hope they fix this functionality as soon as possible, because A message to Russian Railways was sent.
    PS And here is the quick answer: The
    answer, of course, is entertaining. I agree that the bonus card is individual, but this does not correlate with the fact that the ticket purchase system (the relationship between the data in the bonus program and the data entered into the form) is incorrect. I want to note that I entered my bonus card number exclusively. Maybe my card is unique?
    Another week passed, another request was written, because The situation has not changed. Another answer from Russian Railways:
    It turns out that no one is responsible for anything, you buy on the Russian Railways website, and the bonus program is generally something third ...
    You can certainly calm down and not use electronic services, because:
    imageand to image
    be honest, I didn’t have much desire to download and study politics after reading 2 lines about the general accessibility of PD.
    So what can all organizations do? Some thoughts to think about .
    I hope the information will be useful.

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