prompts email and determines the city by IP - a service of automatic verification and correction of contact data (name, address, phone number, email). Plus a javascript widget and tooltip API when entering the address, name and organization.

    From the previous issue, Dadata learned:
    • prompt email when entering,
    • Define a city by IP address
    • recognize car models.

    Features are available through the user interface and HTTP API.

    Email Tips

    Helping the user enter email quickly and without typos.

    They know the popular names of mailboxes (ivan, mail, home), common mail services (mail, Yandex, gmail) and top domains of Runet.

    They are connected as a jQuery plugin to any text field. Or through the HTTP API. Free up to 10 thousand requests per day.

    City by IP address

    The HTTP GET method detectAddressByIp determines the city by IP address in Russia. Uses the client IP address or the value from the parameter ip.

    Car Model Recognition

    Dadata brings the names of cars to a canonical form. Transliterates if necessary; typos until corrected.

    New Integrations

    We will be happy to answer questions in the comments and on the forum , or help with connecting to the API!

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