50 Cent: Blood on The Sand

    “People who are familiar with the inside of the gaming industry have long been aware that not everything in the fate of each new game decides its quality. It so happens that utter rubbish makes its way to the top of the charts and even acquires sequels. A clear confirmation of this unpleasant truth is the announcement of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - the continuation of the game 50 Cent: Bulletproof, in which every self-respecting reviewer considered it his duty to spit poison, which did not prevent the disc from dispersing around the world in the amount of two and a half million copies.

    So, the game will take place in a fictional Middle Eastern country, where 50 Cent and his partners from the G-Unit group happened to give concerts. Alas, the promoter squandered all the money somewhere and paid the musicians with a diamond-encrusted skull, which some villains stole almost immediately. Outraged by such rudeness 50 Cent and his friends took out their big guns (apparently they are carrying them through customs under the guise of musical instruments), and went to find out who it dared to collide with the coolest rappers in the universe. "

    Source: Gameland.ru

    For me as look that “RepStar” has moved to Iraq to help its fellow countrymen to promote Democracy, and not to look for some kind of skull there).
    The game promises to be wonderful from all sides, different from the first one with a well-thought-out scenario. The sequel will be built on the Unreal Engine 3. We are also promised firefights on cars, air battles and plus exclusive musical compositions specifically for this game. Here is another good contribution to the computer gaming industry that the 50 Cent rap artist brought to us.

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