An anthill or a fortress? Building a house for the price of an apartment. 1 part

    Part 1. Construction.
    Part 2. Heating.
    Part 3. Power supply.
    Part 4. Comfort at home and gadgets.

    Like many geeks, I came to the conclusion that health is much more expensive than any money. One of the components of this health is peace of mind and the absence of distracting and annoying neighbors from above, from below, from the side ... So I came to the construction of my house. In my example, I want to show what problems to face and how to avoid difficulties later. In the next issues, if you like this, I will talk about the home network, the organization of video surveillance by IP cameras, backup and autonomous power supply and much more, but first you need to build a home.

    When the question of my own home became solid for me, and renting an apartment became unprofitable, I came, like many, to the choice: what to invest in - in a house or an apartment?
    The cost of apartments, even in the suburbs for a couple of rooms starts from three million. Without finishing and with all the attendant problems. Considering, I came to the conclusion that for the same money you can build a house in the Moscow region with the same transport accessibility and close infrastructure.
    For the lazy, I will tell everything in the video, and for fans of letters, I prepared a text with pictures.

    The first step was the selection of the site. Several points were at the forefront: the proximity of highways and / or rail links, the population of the area is not summer residents, but permanent residents, the presence of shops and schools. It took more than half a year to search for a suitable site, as many more for the execution of all documents: the purchase, survey and cadastral registration and in rosreestr.

    The second stage is the search for performers. Well, if by this time you already have an idea of ​​what you want and what you will build from. By this period I had already decided on the location of the house on the plot, drew the floor plan, chose the technology and material for construction. And already with these thoughts in my head began the search for a construction organization. Having sent a letter with a house scheme to a couple of dozen companies, I began to wait for a response with a preliminary estimate. Of these, a half dozen responded and prices ranged from 1 to 1.8 million rubles for a box with a roof. After talking to everyone on the phone, it turned out that someone did not even build such houses, and those who build, give the construction process itself to the guests from Central Asia. This approach did not suit me and I found a company in which I was promised that the Russian team would build (later it turned out

    The third stage is the production of the project and the elimination of all possible jambs at the planning stage. Without a project you can not build! Never trust the builders, who build on the scheme on a piece of paper, torn from a notebook. Construction by eye costs then much more expensive. And do not hesitate to ask questions, voice Wishlist and do not be lazy to understand all the incomprehensible questions - then the walls set up are unlikely to be moved.

    The fourth stage is directly building and control. I have not yet met builders who would not need to be controlled. And the question is not even always in the theft of material from the object, how much in the desire to quickly finish this object and move on to another. Therefore, I hung the camera on the trailer and looked at the construction site remotely. But he tried to be present himself several times a week. It is good if there is an intelligent foreman, but often he is interested in the speedy departure to the next object, so you should call a confidant who clearly understands how and what should be done. Or hire a separate organization to control the construction process. For example: I personally identified two quite serious jamb during the construction process. I saw the first one on the camera: the builders started building the roof for me, turning it 90 degrees! And second: at first they wanted to fix the siding to the walls directly, without a ventilation gap, and then they twisted it tightly. I forced him to do with the technology and twist the whole siding again.

    Materials and technology

    Since I was still living in a rented apartment, I needed to build a house as quickly as possible. I also wanted the house warm and easy to maintain or refine. Therefore, I stopped at the pile foundation and frame-shield technology. In addition, I already had the experience of living in a house from SIP panels, so it was decided to build from this material. This significantly saved time, since such houses are sawn into blocks at the factory, are laid out, and assembled as a designer on site. Piles also twist on a pre-calculated project in less than a day. That is, the assembly of the walls, roofs and installation of windows takes on strength a couple of weeks. And then the finish begins.

    Control and control again

    We should also talk about control: apart from control at the preliminary stages and during construction, it would be good to check the house at the crack before signing all the acts. In the cold season it is very easy to do with a thermal imager. It is enough to heat the house at 20 degrees above the street temperature and all the cracks will immediately become visible. I will give an example directly from my house.

    Well, at this stage I will finish, so as not to dump everything in a heap. Next time I will talk about the heating system: the choice, layout, economic and technical rationale and the process of starting and operating. In the meantime, ready to answer questions.

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