Upgrade the matrix of the TN-> IPS laptop or how to get more advanced from a budget laptop

    Is it possible to buy a relatively budget notebook with good features, but cheaper than fellows with an IPS matrix, and then inexpensively and quickly replace the TN with IPS?

    The story began with the fact that my Macbook 2013 stopped coping with its tasks, there was little RAM, and it was soldered on the board, and I decided to change it to a new laptop, but I saw the prices for Macbooks with 16 gigabytes of RAM, I was horrified.

    There were 4 options:

    1. A laptop with an IPS matrix, but it will have a keyboard sag.
    2. Laptop with IPS matrix, but it will be very weak
    3. Laptop with IPS matrix, but it will be 2 times more expensive
    4. Relatively budget option with a good filling, but already TN matrix (and change independently for IPS)

    I chose the latter option, bought a HP 15-cx0026ur laptop, this is a budget equivalent of HP Omen 15, good cooling with two fans, all stuffing under one cover, up to 32 operatives, m.2 SSD (you can install both SATA and PCIe), keyboard for me I really liked the 4th i5 core processor of the 8th generation and a bonus discrete video.

    The site www.panelook.com will be the best matrix search assistant , I think many are familiar with it.

    First of all, we open the lid of the laptop, pick it up with a fingernail on the side and a plastic card in a circle, everything is

    snaps on.

    Now we are looking at the matrix model, I have N156HGA-EA3 , I could not find its description on the panelook website , but I found a very similar N156HGA-EAB .

    Then there is a long process of selection in an advanced matrix filter with similar parameters (slim, 15.6, eDP), threw several in comparison and picked up the most similar IPS - B156HAN02.1 , more precisely, I even found 4 similar ones, but in price and quality and availability local stores picked this one.

    In comparison, I looked at the exact dimensions, consumption, and especially carefully looked at the signal interface, as you can see, and the connector configuration, its location and manufacturer are the same, there were matrices with greater brightness, but they have almost twice the current, I was afraid that the laptop first will be discharged more quickly, and secondly, can not take on nutrition, so he took with respect to a simple matrix

    Another drew attention to the section with the color characteristics, I do not have to calibrate the color, all at once to display correctly

    in all, Process replacement of the matrix takes about 10 minutes and is carried out without a screwdriver. You only need to carefully disconnect one connector from the old matrix and connect it to the new

    PS: Issue price 4,000 rubles for the FullHD IPS Slim matrix.

    I advise you not to tear off the protective films and not damage the matrix until you plug it in and make sure it fits perfectly. In my case, the store did not mind if I brought back a part that did not start on my laptop.

    Apply all instructions at your own risk, if I succeeded, then maybe I was just lucky ...

    UPD1: on urgent advice from the comments I want to write that it is desirable to de-energize the laptop by disconnecting the battery, there is a risk to close the contacts and burn the iron.

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