Ciklum Dnepropetrovsk C ++ Saturday: The first subbotnik of the year for C ++ lovers is glad to meet everyone


On Saturday, March 14, the Ciklum Dnipropetrovsk office invites all C ++ lovers to a “subbotnik” during which the following topics will be covered in presentations:

Yan Zborovsky , C ++ Engineer, Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk - “Reverse Engineering: Search and Modification functional ":
- an overview of the main techniques and tools for finding sections of code that are responsible for a particular functional
- behavior changes using hooks and patches
+ life examples

Anton Kukoba , Senior C ++ Developer, Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk -" Driver Oriented Programming - exploiting driver vulnerabilities " :
Microsoft short review of action to combat viruses
- problems of the 'Trusted Core' approach to system security
- hardware manufacturers and vulnerabilities in their drivers
- exploitation of signed drivers to gain access to the kernel functions

Ivan Romanenko , Senior C ++ Developer, Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk - "Performance analysis using the Windows Performance Toolkit":
Experience in using WPT for such cases:
- Analysis of hot spots (Hot Spot Analysis)
- Analysis of expectations (Wait Analysis)
- Use of heap and memory leak
- Use of a disk
+ real life examples and results

Sergey Shikin , PM, Ciklum; Vasily Evdokimov , C ++ Developer, Ciklum; Alexey Pilipenko, C ++ Developer - Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk - “Evolution of platforms using universal binary code”:
Evolution of native single-baynari platforms:
- Google Native Client
- Marmalade
+ comparative review of various approaches in cross-platform development The

event is free, by prior registration .

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