All conversational AI at the first Conversations conference

    Conversations will be held in Moscow on November 14 - the first conference in Russia for developers and business dedicated to the technologies of conversational AI, conversational artificial intelligence. Experts of Yandex, Google, Huawei, MTS,, iPavlov, Wallet, HeadHunter, Voximplant, Nanosemantics, Digital Intelligence and other companies will discuss the present and future of the conversational AI industry at Conversations. Event organizer - Just AI.

    What is the conference about?

    By 2019, according to Strategy Analytics and Canalys , more than half of all smartphones will have access to virtual voice assistants, and the number of smart speakers in homes around the world will exceed 100 million devices. Chatbots are not losing ground either: Juniper Research predicts that the savings from their introduction by 2022 will grow 400 times and amount to more than 8 billion dollars a year.

    For these predictions to come true, the ecosystem around the spoken AI must constantly evolve. At the Conversations conference, developers, vendors and representatives of business - retail, financial, telecom - can together figure out how to turn conversational AI from a global trend that is expected to do a lot into a tool that everyone really uses.

    What will headliners tell?

    • How to build work with AI within the corporation . Arkady Sandler, Head of Artificial Intelligence "MTS"
    • DEEPPAVLOV: a library for conversational AI . Mikhail Burtsev, Head of the Laboratory of Neural Systems and Deep Learning (MIPT), Project Manager iPavlov
    • Experience in developing the ideal scenario from Yandex . Ilya Subbotin, service manager Alisa, Yandex
    • Dialogflow: teach robots to keep up their conversation during a call . Igor Sheko, Lead Frontend developer, Voximplant
    • Yandex platform. Dialogues as an ecosystem and community . Vera Alexandrovskaya, Yandex project manager. Dialogues
    • Features of the design of devices with voice assistants . Vera Trump, CEO NotAnotherOne
    • What lessons we have learned by making the first five skills for Alice Yandex . Roman Doronin, Founder & CEO EORA
    • How does the technology Natural Language Understanding . AINL team

    More interesting topics and names on Conversations

    What else can not miss on Conversations?

    • Section for developers: lectures on the creation of conversational interfaces, machine learning, speech recognition and biometrics; a workshop for assembling a chatbot who understands natural language; Life hacking to work with Yandex. Dialogues and Google Assistant.
    • Cases: industry cases on the use of conversational AI technologies for various tasks - in contact centers, delivery services and customer support, in HR, helpdesk services and other business processes.
    • Analytics from IT giants: Yandex and Google will share their assessments and forecasts for the development of the market for conversational AI in Russia and the world.
    • Smart devices: Yandex.Station, Amazon Echo, children's robots Emelya and Mishka AI, new devices from Google, Roobo, NotAnotherOne will be presented in the technology demozone.

    How to get to Conversations?

    Buy a suitable ticket on Conversations website . Do not forget to specify a special promotional code conversations_tq0 for Habr readers to get a 15% discount on the purchase of a ticket.

    Conversations will be held on November 14 at the site of the World Trade Center: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, 12, Congress Center (office building 2, entrance 7, floor 4, VIP room "Ladoga").

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