Market growth, Chinese games from The Sun, Angry Birds - and other news of the week for the mobile developer

    The growth of the Russian smartphone market

    In 2014, according to IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, the Russian smartphone market experienced rapid growth: sales grew by 46% compared to 2013.

    The alignment of forces in the market for 2014 is as follows:

    By sales:

    1.Samsung (6.05 million)
    2.Apple (3.25 million)
    3.Lenovo (2.22 million)
    4.Nokia (1.79 million)
    5.Sony (1.59 million)
    6.LG (1.06 million)
    7.HTC (852,000)


    1.Apple ($ 2.14 billion)
    2.Samsung ($ 1.45 billion)
    3. Sony ($ 425 million)
    4.Lenovo ($ 417 million)
    5.Nokia ($ 285 million)
    6.LG ($ 239 million)
    7.HTC ($ 234 million)

    According to analysts, in 2015, the adverse economic situation will negatively affect the market, and there will be no further growth.

    The Sun will create a mobile platform with its games and payments

    Sun Play - this will be the name of the new mobile project from Nektan for the tabloid newspaper The Sun. From the press release of the project it became known that a number of games will be released in which it will be possible to play for real pounds - how this will be implemented has not yet been disclosed.

    On the one hand, it may seem like a rather strange and desperate move for the newspaper, especially at the height of the media crisis, when everyone is trying to somehow stand out in the market or vice versa - save and reduce 90% of all employees. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that every day the Sun newspaper is read by 7 million people, and the target audience has already been studied and there are ideas about its interests - if you don't make a mistake with the games, the publication is clearly not deprived of traffic.

    Localytics on app activity peaks

    Localytics conducted a study that reveals peak activity during the day in various kinds of applications. This information can help you determine the timing for the next promotion or announcement, a contest or update. As a result, all the information can be divided into 4 points with its own schedules: the

    start of application use is at 7 in the morning, and the peak at 8 in the evening;

    news, travel and weather are more used in the morning from 7 to 8 hours, and the second peak occurs at 5 pm for travel and closer to 10 for news and weather;

    business, finance and music are evenly used all day and evening;

    Entertainment and social apps are more used late in the evening and at night, although media users are active even at night.

    New game from Zeptolab

    Just recently, Zeptolab released their new King of Thieves game , and discussions have already flared up around those who liked it and those who didn't like it. I rather belong to the latter, so be careful not to take my words for granted :) This is

    probably a sign of a good game that users are not indifferent and actively discuss. In my opinion, the game turned out to be a niche one for those who love platformers who do not forgive mistakes. You need to be very patient, clever and attentive. I do not think that a modern casual player has these qualities. Not without an evil randomness, which can suddenly interrupt the game session, forcing either to watch ads or pay. But, in general, the game deserves at least to be put on, watched and made up its mind.

    Birds fly to China

    We all understand how powerful and promising China’s mobile market is. And Rovio, who have been doing so poorly lately, too. No, they did not decide to publish a book for Chinese children about Laovai bird balls, they made a more interesting move. Rovio reported that they had signed an agreement with the Chinese publisher Kunlun, but not just to publish games for the market, with some small localization adaptations in the art, as most do. No, it seems that there will be a complete processing of the product for the market, and China will see its specially designed version of Angry Birds, with blackjack and Stella .

    Infrequently there is such a serious approach to conquering the market! Although not new, Disney has also redesigned its Where is My Water as a popular Chinese character. Waiting, waiting for Angry Niǎolèi!

    Statistics of the most popular categories in the App Store. Games rule!

    Games confidently lead the App Store in terms of downloads. In total, since the summer of 2014, 75 billion applications have been downloaded, and 21.14% were games!

    In second place, by a wide margin, are applications from the training category, their share is only 10.1%. In last place are social networks - 1.95%, but this is not surprising, there are few social networks, and there are a lot of games.

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