Keyboard and pointer for the disabled (2 for the price of 5)

    Today I want to talk about one interesting input device. It is useful for people with disabilities (for example, who don’t have fingers on their hands) and interesting for young researchers (for example, a new way to play DOOM for the “mouse”)

    It looks like this:


    It can be confused with some new-fashioned joystick for the X-box, however, this is a full keyboard, and even with a mouse in addition.
    Under the cat, a small description with pictures
    UPD added a video.

    This thing is part of the Project Blue Skies system, which, according to the creators, should help autists access the computer. To be honest, I myself do not really understand what this has to do with autism, I will be glad if you explain.

    As you can see, the device consists of 2 independent manipulators and color sectors along their perimeter.


    The combination of manipulator positions corresponds to a specific character.
    In principle, we can say that the left manipulator serves as the SHIFT button, and the right one is the keyboard itself.


    If you bring the left manipulator twice to the black sector, the movements of the right will correspond to the movements of the cursor. After pointing the pointer
    l. Manipulator + blue = LMB
    l. Manipulator + red = RMB


    As it is written on the manufacturer’s website, the average print speed is 39 words per minute.
    Such a thing is connected via USB or PS / 2, and in Plug'n'Play mode, costs $ 399
    And one more thing: a separate button is rendered for Ctrl + Alt + Delete:
    l. manipulator + black + p. gray =)

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