Data discharge 180 thousand users

    Yesterday, information became known that the accounts of the administrators of the exchange (old were hacked by an unknown hacker.


    The hacker also published on behalf of the administration of the service a database with personal data of 180 thousand users of the project. The names, email addresses and phone numbers of many freelancers who have never shone personal data on the network have been made publicly available.

    A hack record appeared on the service on February 24, 2015 on behalf of Maxim Rossoshansky, product manager of the service.

    The full list of hacked freelancers can be found at the end of the article. But the passwords that the cracker also accessed are encrypted.

    At the moment, according to Vladimir Tarkhanov, the project administration is conducting its internal investigation of the causes and consequences of the hack.

    UPD: A service has appeared where everyone by login / mail / number / name can check themselves for being in the
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